General Ultrasound for Intensive Care [GUSI170823] - 3 Day Course

General Ultrasound for Intensive Care [GUSI170823] - 3 Day Course

23rd Aug 17

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General Ultrasound for Intensive Care (GUSI) courses are delivered with a focus on the acquisition of practical skills for use in an intensive care environment.

Designed by doctors for doctors, this course is aimed at intensivists that may have developed some skills in echocardiography and are looking to extend their skill-set in general and abdominal applications. Alternatively, this course is also applicable to those clinicians that have little or no prior ultrasound experience.

Hands on time is the focus with a 1:3/2:3 ratio of time dedicated to theory/practical. This course meets ASUM CCPU requirements for eFAST, Proximal Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Renal Hydronephrosis & Calculi, Biliary and Lung units.

The three day course is overseen by Dr. Andrew Hilton and Dr. Yang Yang, consultant intensive care physicians.

Dr. Andrew Hilton
Andrew Hilton

Dr. Yang Yang
Yang Yang

Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:

  • Modify ultrasound system controls to attain basic practical proficiency in image optimisation, including transducer selection, focus, depth correction, TGC curve, gain settings
  • Demonstrate basic practical proficiency in performing and interpreting the following ultrasound examinations:
  • Discuss the clinical role, practical applications and limitations of focused ultrasound assessment of the following:
    • Lung
    • DVT
    • Kidney
    • eFAST - fluid collection assessment
    • Gallbladder

General Ultrasound for Intensive Care Program

Day one
0845 - 1700

Scanning principles, probe manipulation and image optimisation
Lung - clinical applications for pneumothorax and alveolar/interstitial oedema
Assessment of DVT

Day two
0900 - 1700

Fluid collection assessment - sonographic appearances and technique

Day three
0900 - 1700

The clinicians perspective
Skills consolidation


ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA CPD program can claim attendance under the Knowledge and Skills category ‘Learning sessions’ at 1 credit per hour for the lectures/presentations. Hands on workshops may be claimed under the Knowledge and skills category ‘Short format learning’ at 2 credits per hour.

ASUM | CCPU Units - eFAST, Proximal Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Renal Hydronephrosis & Calculi, Biliary, Lung

CICM | Pre-course learning: Category 1A, 1 point per hour. Simple simulations/skill stations/hands on sessions: Category 2B, 2 points per hour. Lectures: Category 2A, 1 point per hour.