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How to: What does it take to become a SEED? – 5 May 2022

In this month’s Coaching Corner, Suean and friends discuss what it means and what it takes to be a SEED – Sonographer Educator in the Emergency Department.

Learn what a SEED actually is, what the role involves and the type of ultrasound examinations you will need to master in order to teach others. Hear what the differences are between ‘traditional’ radiology ultrasound and Emergency Department ultrasound. Understand the steps you will need to take to make the transition from Sonographer to Sonographer Educator in the ED.

If you’d like to learn more about how to be a better ultrasound trainer join our TRain the UltraSound Trainer program.

Recorded Thursday 5 May 2022

How to: Transvaginal ultrasound – 7 April 2022

In this month’s Coaching Corner – our highest ever subscribed – Suean discusses the tips, tricks and techniques of transvaginal ultrasound assessment.

Learn how to understand the images you see on a trransvaginal probe, the probe movements and how to troubleshoot, the scanning approach PLUS the tricky question of how to find the ovaries. We also cover the issue of consent and scanning injury avoidance (ergonomics).

If you’d like to learn more about transvaginal ultrasound join our course – more information here –

If you’d like to learn more about how to be a better ultrasound trainer join our TRain the UltraSound Trainer program –

Be sure to tune in the first Thursday of each month, 7:30pm AEST for our #coachingcorner​​.

Join our community of clever –​​.
AND if you have a question, a case you want to share or a paper you are keen to talk about please – join us.

Recorded Thursday 7 April 2022


How to: Fetal well-being assessment in the 3rd trimester – February 2022

In this month’s Coaching Corner Suean discusses fetal well-being assessment in the third trimester. From amniotic fluid assessment, maximum vertical pool, oligohydramnios and polyhydramnios and Doppler, this session guides you through the how-to of well-being assessment.

With tips and tricks, cases and learning pearls there is something for everyone. And as always this is followed up by a live Q&A.

Recorded Thursday 3 February 2022

How to: Improve Your Ultrasound Teaching: 7 Top Tips – 2 December 2021

In this month’s Coaching Corner Suean shares 7 top tips that will help you improve your ultrasound teaching skills. Drawing on her years of experience teaching everyone from novice sonographers to Professors in Intensive Care, Suean provides insight into how ultrasound training can be broken down to make teaching simpler and learning faster learning. With tips and tricks, cases and learning pearls there is something for everyone. And as always this is followed up by a live Q&A. .

Recorded Thursday 2 December 2021

How to: Reduce x-ray ordering with ultrasound

In this month’s Coaching Corner emergency physician and ultrasound guru Allan Whitehead walks through a number of cases that illustrate how ultrasound can reduce or replace x-rays.

Allan makes the case that there are clear examples and common presentations/procedures – in an emergent and post-procedural context – where ultrasound should be your ‘go-to’ imaging modality. Whether it’s investigating chest pain and trauma, fractures and dislocations, or procedural – ultrasound can do it faster and better than x-ray. If nothing else, ultrasound should always be by your side for clavicular fractures and pleural taps…

With tips and tricks, cases and learning pearls there is something for everyone. And as always this is followed up by a live Q&A.

Recorded Thursday 4 November 2021

How to: B-Mode ultrasound & imaging the heart

In this month’s Coaching Corner Suean discusses how you can optimise your B-Mode images of the heart. Without mastering these basics, your ultrasound images will be suboptimal and advancing your cardiac ultrasound examination skills delayed. With tips and tricks, cases and learning pearls there is something for anyone aspiring to improve their cardiac skills. And as always this is followed up by a live Q&A.

Recorded Thursday 7 October 2021

How to: Forearm nerve block

Forearmed is forewarned – especially when it comes to regional anaesthesia.

In this month’s Coaching Corner we’re joined by Dr Elias Jaffa who discusses how you can perform forearm blocks with ultrasound. He outlines a number of tips and tricks you can arm yourself with, highlights the scanning approaches he uses and outlines pearls and pitfalls assocaited with regional anaesthesia. This is followed up by a live Q&A.

Recorded Thursday 2 September 2021

How to: Shoulder dislocation POCUS

In this month’s Coaching Corner we’re joined by Dr Allan Whitehead (FACEM) who takes us through how ultrasound can assist in the confirmation of shoulder dislocation and reduction. He outlines tips and tricks you can use when faced with a shoulder that’s not where it should be, highlights the scanning techniques he uses and goes through a step-by-step demonstration for pain management injections.

Recorded Thursday 5 August 2021

How to: The Pancreas

The pancreas – a tricky little organ that takes some digestion to image.

In this month’s POCUS #coachingcorner Suean guides us through the tips, tricks and techniques you can use to get the best out of your imaging. Brian Doyle, Allan Whitehead and Elias Jaffa share cases, insight and bad dad jokes giving us additional clinical insight. Check it out.

Recorded Thursday 1 July 2021

How to: Renal Colic

Renal colic – when your patient is in pain, ultrasound is the tool you can turn to first.

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner Suean takes you through the anatomy, scanning technique , sonographic signatures, tips & tricks that will have you scanning in no time flat.

Recorded Thursday 3 June 2021

How to: Podiatry Ultrasound

Podiatry is a field taking enormous steps with POCUS.

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner podiatry guru Dr James Ferrie and Podiatric Surgeon Assoc. Prof. Mark Gilheany join Suean to demonstrate the utility of POCUS in an acute and sub-acute setting to screen for significant ankle and foot injury. Through a number of cases James and Mark show how POCUS can make a real difference to diagnosis, patient management and quality of life.

Recorded Thursday 6 May 2021

How to: Appendix Ultrasound

Appendix ultrasound – that pesky little thing located between small and large intestines is a tricky little thing to image.

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner Suean takes you through her trademark step-by-step approach to ultrasound that will be sure to improve your diagnostic technique, finishing with a quick group discussion.

Recorded Thursday 4 March 2021

How to: Rapid Ultrasound for Shock and Hypotension – the RUSH Exam

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner, the first for 2021…

Suean examines the RUSH exam – starting with history and context, working through how to optimise your approach to imaging the pump, tank and pipes and finishing with a great group discussion and Q&A.

Recorded Thursday 4 February 2021

How to: ultrasound fractures & hematoma blocks

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner, the last for 2020…

Suean talks how to get the most out of your system, techniques and tips to apply when assessing fractures, and delivering pain relief through hematoma blocks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone – see you next on Thursday 4 February 2021.

Recorded Thursday 3 December 2020

How to: probe tech, probe care, probe repair

The ultrasound probe – an often abused lump of plastic we all take for granted.

In this edition of the POCUS #coachingcorner, Suean talks to Ashley Barker from ProbeLogic (, a world leading ultrasound transducer repair and testing company based in Perth.

In this fascinating tour of the ProbeLogic facility, Ashley pulls apart a number of transducers to show us the amazing technology and intricate parts that fit in the palm of our hands. He demonstrates the damage that can be wrought on a probe, what to look for and how to avoid it. If you’re an ultrasound geek like us or simply interested in some really cool tech check this out.

Recorded Thursday 5 November 2020

How to: Lumps & Bumps on Ultrasound

Lumps & bumps on ultrasound – it can be confusing imaging their diverse terrain.

In this edition of the POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • Suean focuses on the presentation, sonographic signatures and approach to imaging a range of commonly encountered lumps and bumps – from abscess to sebaceous cysts they’re here.
  • Q&A discusses the clinical conundrums faced when practitioners encounter a mystery lump or bump.

Recorded Thursday 1 October 2020

How to: Needle Guidance with Ultrasound

Needle guidance with ultrasound – a core skill whose difficulty is often underrated. Get your preparation, set up and alignment right and you’ll hit your target every time.

In this edition of the POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • Suean focuses on what are some of the problems you may encounter with needle guidance and why – whether it’s vascular access or a more advanced procedural application.
  • Q&A discusses the problems practitioners have, and the pros and cons of the different types of ultrasound phantoms. Check out our free Phantom Compendium [HERE].

Recorded Thursday 3 September 2020

How to: Testicular Torsion Ultrasound

In this edition of the POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • Suean takes you through her trademark step-by-step approach to ultrasound that will be sure to improve your technique
  • Joined by somes of Australia’s leading POCUS practitioners, you’ll get practical tips and tricks that will make scanning the testicles easier than you thought.

Recorded Thursday 6 August 2020

How to: Crown Rump Length & Covid-19 Lung Ultrasound

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner:

Recorded Thursday 18 June 2020

How to: 1st Trimester Ultrasound + Elias Jaffa on POCUS Tech

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • Elias Jaffa shows us his amazing tech hack – Streambox – & how it can help #POCUS & education in resource ltd environments – check out his website at
  • If 1st trimester #ultrasound gives you nightmares Suean takes you through a step-by-step sequence that will improve your sleep

Recorded Thursday 11 June 2020

How to: Common Bile Duct Ultrasound + Image Review

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • The Common Bile Duct – top tips and tricks for this pesky part of the anatomy – it’s not just about gallstones
  • A step by step guide to ultrasound image review – recite after me: frequency, depth, focus, gain…and more

Recorded Thursday 4 June 2020

How to: Ovarian Ultrasound – Location, Torsion + Spectral Doppler

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • Finding the ovaries on a transabdominal exam – top tips and tricks
  • How do I assess for ovarian torsion?
  • The idiot’s guide to spectral Doppler.PLUS some fantastic group discussion including star turns from Brian and Cian.

Recorded Thursday 28 May 2020

How to: Ureteric Jets & Colic, IVC & Patient Position, Bicuspid Aortic Valve

In this week’s POCUS #coachingcorner:

  • I’ve learned how to find ureteric jets – how do I integrate this into the assessment of renal colic?
  • How important is patient positioning when assessing the IVC? Often dyspnoeic patients can’t lie flat…
  • How do I identify a bicuspid aortic valve accurately?

PLUS Jono and Jenny add some great tips of their own.

Recorded Thursday 21 May 2020.

How to: Lung, 4CH Heart, RV Assessment, Aorta

Our inaugural POCUS #coachingcorner – and what a beauty it was.

Great questions from our community of clever ranging from echocardiography to lung:

  • Euan asks how you optimise imaging for lung scanning – especially for small pneumothoraces
  • Andy examines how to optimise the 4 chamber view in a large patient
  • Rebecca Ventures into assessing the RV (see what I did there…)
  • Euan explores the pitfalls of scanning the aorta and how these can be avoided

PLUS some fantastic group discussion including star turns from Anthony and Daniela.

Recorded Thursday 14 March 2020.