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Apps for ultrasound

EchoLog – Ultrasound & POCUS Logbook [paid]

Log your ultrasound and POCUS scans easily with EchoLog, designed specifically for ultrasound logging. EchoLog is made by two Emergency Medicine residents from Montreal, Canada, wanting to improve on the current paper logbook system for Ultrasound certification.


Heartpedia – by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Congenital heart defects can be difficult to visualize and explain. Heartpedia, created by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, allows you to interact with 3D models of pediatric heart anomalies and defects. Healthcare providers may use these anatomically-correct models as visual learning tools to help educate patients and families on specific defects and repairs.


My Case Files – Health Care – by My Case Files, LLC
My Case Files is the first app designed for health care providers to keep track of their interesting cases and procedures in a secure, HIPAA compliant app. The app is simple, easy to navigate, and highly customizable for its use in multiple clinical scenarios. Features of the app:
1. Take pictures/video clips of your interesting cases
2. Search cases quickly for reference
3. Take pictures of your procedures and share them with referring physicians and patients
4. Create a procedure log for residents and fellows in training


Synap App – by Synap

Lets students create their own MCQs or practice others, and creates a personal revision plan for them based on what they most need to study each day. There are over 5,000 medical MCQs written by students and doctors and a few thousand medical students using it in the US and UK including some Ultrasound related questions. These are all available for free at their medical page


UBC Radiology Teaching App – by UBC Radiology

Learn radiology anatomy & clinical reasoning using x-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound. This app is designed for medical trainees and medical professionals to increase their confidence in identifying normal anatomic structures, ordering the most appropriate imaging test and identifying common pathology.This app is based on the radiology undergraduate curriculum at the University of British Columbia (UBC), which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The app content is organized into the pre-clinical (MS1, MS2) and clinical (MS3, MS4, intern) years. The focus of the pre-clinical years is on identifying normal anatomy and acquiring basic ultrasound skills and the focus of the clinical years is to become familiar with ordering appropriateness criteria and to recognize key pathology. The list of clinical cases presented in this app are developed from the UBC third year medical student clerkship “Must See” clinical objectives.

Simulators for ultrasound

edus2 Emergency Department Ultrasound Simulator

The edus2 is an open source tool that integrates ultrasound into existing simulation suites at a fraction of the cost of commercially available systems. Full details on the wiki. Code, video, and instructions on buliding your own are free. Just add hardware. If you need assistance in completing a system please contact us and we can help you get up and running. We have done most of the work, but tasks remain open to make this project better.

Image management utilities for ultrasound

ClipDeidentifier – by Ben Smith (@UltrasoundJelly)

Make your ultrasound clips HIPPA compliant for sharing, publishing, and education with this tool. You will also find tutorials on how to edit your images.


Logbook utilities for ultrasound

Hocus Pocus – by Ben Attwood (@bhca) Jon Bedford (@JonBedford) and George Reid (@dieracg)

Welcome to Hocus POCUS: a web-based interface for storing and validating point of care ultrasound (POCUS) scan data for use in gaining accreditation in FICE and CUSIC scanning.



SonoClipShare – by Ben Smith
SonoClipShare Uploader, operated by Ben (@ultrasoundjelly) is a free tool that allows easy sharing of de-identified images. Note: Users uploading content to SonoClipShare agree to allow the owners to use the content.

Podcasts on ultrasound

Emergency Ultrasound – by J. Christian Fox

These lectures comprise the UCI bedside ultrasound curriculum from the perspective of emergency medicine. Also available:

MS2 – ultrasound in MedEd

Emergency Medicine Lectures


The Ultrasound Podcast – by Mike Mallin, Matt Dawson, Mike Stone and Jacob Avila

The seminal ultrasound podcast.


Journals for ultrasound

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) is an online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access, peer-reviewed journals.
POCUS Journal is afree resource for the latest information and case studies on point of care ultrasound, written by physicians, researchers, and educators. POCUS Journal features case files and educational resources, and is published online quarterly.

Free Ultrasound Image Libraries/Resources

Echocardia is a high quality educational resource for echocardiography founded o train, educate, inform and bring together everyone interested in echocardiography. Echocardia was founded by Prof. Dr. Markus Niemann and Prof. Dr. Edgar Seemann

The “” web site lets you navigate the Radiology Gamuts Ontology (RGO), a knowledge resource for radiology diagnosis. RGO hosts more than 2,000 differential-diagnosis listings for imaging findings in all body systems. You can view all of the causes of an finding, then click on one of the diagnoses to view all of the findings that it causes. Each page is illustrated with relevant images from peer-reviewed journals that are retrieved on demand from the ARRS GoldMiner® image search engine.
The POCUS Atlas
Brought to you by the @ultrasoundpod team, their goal is to highlight the use of ultrasound around the world, focusing on rare, exotic and perfectly captured ultrasound images. The project will result in production of The POCUS ATLAS, a free peer-reviewed e-book, that will be available to be shared and used for global ultrasound education.

Sono.Gallery – Hundreds of medical ultrasound videos for free.

Other Ultrasound Education Online Resources

Medical Apps

iMedicalApps is an independent online medical publication written by a team of physicians and medical students who provide commentary and reviews of mobile medical technology and applications. Reviews and commentary are based on their own experiences in the hospital and clinic setting and creative and content control are strictly managed by the medical professionals running the site.


Connect with anaesthetists world-wide, discuss cases and share images & videos
A medical education resource on ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia – Robin Lundén Ola Borgquist

We work at the department of anaesthesia and intensive care at Skåne University Hospital, Lund, Sweden. These are our takes on the procedures that we use in our clinical daily lives. We’re adding films at the rate we produce them. Everything is released on YouTube under a Creative Commons licence, so feel free to use them in any non-commercial way. If you do though, we would appreciate feed-back on the usual social media channels.

Regional Anesthesia Website of Cook County Hospital of Chicago. Overseen by Carlo D. Franco (MD) you can find an in-depth discussion of several subjects related to regional anesthesia, like local anesthetics and anticoagulation, as well as thorough step by step descriptions of regional blocks using nerve stimulation and ultrasound. We hope you find this information useful.
A ‘how to’ on ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia in conjunction with Neuraxiom LLC
Fantastic educational resources on anaesthesia brought to you by the team at NYSORA

Toronto Western Hospital Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management Virtual Spine website.

The Lumbar Spine Ultrasound module is aimed at teaching ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia for the lumbar spine. It includes an animation illustrating the flexion of the lumbar spine during patient positioning to open the intervertebral spaces, facilitating the insertion of needles into the spinal canal.

A ‘how to’ on ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks in conjunction with University of Connecticut School of Medicine
A ‘how to’ on ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia brought to you by Michael J Fredrickson, MBChB, FANZCA, MD

VAULT offers a wide variety ov USGRA education resources.


User friendly online tutorials and other resources on anatomy
A virtual 3D body that brings to life thousands of medically accurate anatomy objects and health conditions in an interactive Web-based platform.
Another free 3D anatomical product – now a Google offering

Bedside and Emergency Medicine

Aria Jefferson Emergency Medicine Ultrasound website – reference for the use of emergency department ultrasound exams and techniques, updates and guidelines for the ultrasound rotation, journal clubs or recent US publications.
Asynchronous Crowdsourced Education for Clinical Ultrasound
Clinicians and Students: The Best of Free Open Access Medical (FOAM) education for Clinical Ultrasound (CUS).
Educators: A comprehensive FOAM CUS curriculum and Toolkit.
American College of Emergency Physicians free online exam
Editor and Project Manager: Michael Stone
Editor and Technical Director: Robert Blakenship
Content Editors: Michael Blaivas, Thomas Cook, Barry Simon, Vivek Tayal
Authors: J. Christian Fox, Raj Geria, Hina Ghory, John Gullett, Beatrice Hoffman, Jennifer Huang, Resa Lewiss, Tom Mailhot, Diku Mandavia, Jonathan Mau, Raffaele Milizia, Arun Nagdev, Philiips Perera, Christopher Raio, Michael Secko, Michael Stone, Daniel Theodoro, ALfredo Tirado, Anthony Weekes

This blog aims to provide medical providers and trainees open access to high-quality, educational content while also engaging in a dialogue about best-practices in Emergency Medicine and medical education
Site by Chris Partyka, Emergency Medicine Registrar

The Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM) is the National Organization representing Undergraduate Medical Education in Emergency Medicine. CDEM was formed in 2008, and became the first Academy of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM). CDEM is comprised of medical student educators who are committed to enhancing medical student education within our specialty. Tis site conains a multitude of ultrasound resources.
Echoholics Anonymous is a space where our shared passions of enjoying fine echocardiography and fine beer can find an outlet. As Emergency Physicians our focus is on point of care echocardiography. We have learned from and collaborated with anesthesiologists, cardiologists, intensivists, and emergency physicians. We hope that practitioners from a variety of specialties and training pathways will find the content here useful and applicable to their practice.

And why beer? Why not?

EMUGs is a group of enthusiastic ultrasound users and supporters in the Emergency Department’s of the Greater Sydney area (and beyond!).

We are a diverse alliance that includes senior EM consultants who already have high level qualifications, new EM consultants in the process of learning more ultrasound, supportive sonographers and radiologists, ED trainees, all the way down to medical students who are keen to learn but have had no formal training in ultrasound.

Emergency Ultrasonography – Resources and Tutorials on EM Ultrasound by Geoffrey Hayden, MD
Emergency Ultrasonography – Resources and Tutorials on EM Ultrasound by Geoffrey Hayden, MD

This page is was created by residents of the Temple University Hospital Emergency Medicine program to help distribute the vast Emergency Medicine lecture library of Dr. Joe Lex. This link takes you to the ultrasound specific content – but there is much more!

The Block Guide

Content developed and maintained by Andrew Herring MD with contributions from the entire Highland Ultrasound team including Arun Nagdev, Dan Mantuani, Caitlin Bailey, and others.

Lectures, content and cases on emergency ultrasound overseen by Geoff Hayden, MD, RDMS, Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Division of Emergency Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Charlie’s ED guide to ultrasound features a range of resources to get you up and running in ultrasound in the ED. This is part of a wider site developed by some of the Emergency Physicians at SCGH involved in the intradepartmental education program, who share an interest in medical education.

Emergency medicine podcasts, reviews and curbside consults – Emergency Medicine Resources for MDs, PAs, NPs & RNs
Emergency Bedside Ultrasound Training Series created by the Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine team

Ultrasound component of the FPN provides a library of resources (videos, literature) covering all aspects of ultrasound. The author of the Family Practice Notebook, is Scott Moses, MD, a board-certified Family Physician practicing in Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

Mt Sinai Emergency Medicine UltrasoundThe companion website for the Mount Sinai Emergency Ultrasound Division. It serves as an information resource for residents, fellows, medical students and others seeking information about point-of-care ultrasound.

Welcome to the Point of Care Ultrasound Education Homepage for the Emergency Department at University Hospital Geelong This site aims to provide a valuable education resource for the department and its medical staff, in particular trainees, and enable them to become credentialed in a number of POCUS modules during their time at UHG.
Welcome to This site acts as a resource page for those interested in Point of Care Ultrasound in Ireland.

Content and editorial direction is from a multidisciplinary group of POCUS enthusiasts.

Jason T Nomura EM and IM physician who uses/teaches POC US and sometimes puts some of that content online for other to use.

Dr Nomura is a Board Certified in Emergency and Internal Medicine after a combined residency followed by an Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship. He currently serves as the Emergency Medicine Fellowship Director at a high volume community academic Emergency Department in a Level 1 Trauma tertiary care referral center. Dr. Nomura also works with the Comprehensive Stroke Program and Neurosciences Service line. Additionally he is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Medicine.

He has an interest in social media, online education, and ultrasound.

Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia Perioperative Interactive education website. FOCUS and lung ultrasound simulation.
Quick Hit is a medical blog started by the University of Kentucky Emergency Medicine Interest Group (UK-EMIG)
Created bymembers of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Section on Emergency Ultrasound under the direction of Beatrice Hoffmann, MD, PhD, RDMS

Philips Critical care & emergency medicine ultrasound education tutorials
SonoMojo is the brainchild of Jennifer Cotton (@sonomojo) and is a guide to ultrasound education. It’s a place for the new to get started in bedside ultrasound education and the experienced to discover new ultrasound resources.
Sonophysio aims to provide education, training and support in the principles of Lung Ultrasound for effective assessment and diagnosis of respiratory pathologies. Their Research page provides links to valuable/seminal lung ultrasound resources.
SonoSpot: Topics in Bedside Ultrasound – share & highlight US cases, tips & tricks, research, news, people and events
SonoStuff – education and entertainment for the ultrasound enthusiast. A collaborative effort to advance patient care, medical education, and professional development through ultrasound. Supporting free and open access to medical and point-of-care ultrasound education. Editor-in-Chief: Michael Schick DO, MA.
SoundBytes has been organized into a virtual textbook format with easily accessible chapters covering the major indications for clinician performed sonography. Created by Phillips Perera, MD, Diku Mandavia, MD and Tom Mailhot MD, with illustrations by Sonia Johnson MD,the educational videos are supplemented with downloadable articles in PDF format.
Website for the Emergency Ultrasound Division in St Luke’s Roosevelt Emergency Department – images, quizzes education material and more.
UC Davis School of Medicine Ultrasound site
A place to share, discuss and learn about bedside ultrasound in emergency medicine and critical care settings

Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care

Western Sono is devoted to the development and support of point of care ultrasound within The University of Western Ontario’s medical programs and in the care of patients in London Health Sciences Centre hospitals. You will find information relating to education, research and training requirements as well as general information regarding point of care ultrasound.
WildcatUSIG: Home of the University of Kentucky Ultrasound Interest Group – The USIG provides a place for students interested in bedside ultrasound to share that interest and pursue ultrasound education alongside other motivated students.

Critical/Intensive Care and Internal Medicine

Calgary Internal Medicine Point-of-Care Ultrasound – this site is dedicated to advancing responsible use of point-of-care ultrasound for Internal Medicine.
Critical Care Northampton – a resource brought to you by Dr Jonny Wilkinson, Consultant in ICU and Anaesthesia (@Wilkinsonjonny). This site provides a very useful #FOAMed / #FOAMcc / #POCUS resource for anyone interested in all that is critical care! Most blog topics are written by Jonny and constitute his opinions. There are many resources developed by Jonn and gathered from around the glode to keep you out of trouble. – Beth Israel New York’s Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine free Critical Care Ultrasonography Forum devoted to building the knowledge base of practitioners in the field of clinician-performed General Critical Care Ultrasonography (GCCUS).

Ultrasound At The Front Door is a free open access medical education resource run by Dr Sarb Clare & Dr Chris Duncan in Birmingham, UK. We aim to share interesting cases from busy Acute Medical & Intensive Care Units.

Greater Sydney Area HEMS Pre-hospital & Retrieval Medicine Team of Ambulance Service NSW present a range of critical care ultrasound resources brought. – This site is designed for anyone who is interested in Intensive Care Medicine and Intensive Care Ultrasound
This site was created by the University of Maryland Critical Care Fellows as a way to share education as well as discussion about cutting edge and core concepts in critical care.

The resources found in this site will describe pertinent techniques of bedside critical care ultrasound and explain how to interpret those images. The blog portion of this site is intended to share common and unique cases with image interpretation to further enhance your understanding of the implications for bedside ultrasound.
Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care – A place to share, discuss and learn about bedside ultrasound in emergency medicine and critical care settings

Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care


Imaging Skills for Echocardiography – A detailed guide for students, sonographers and physicians: Walter Rasmussen, R.D.C.S.

The focus of this guide is the sonographer as an image maker and its goal is to help students expand their practical knowledge of Echocardiography in order to produce cardiac ultrasound studies that are of maximum possible diagnostic quality.

Echo.Guru is the brainchild of Tony Forshaw, a sonographer and university lecturer.

Echo.Guru is not designed to be an online course, but rather an unstructured discussion and education site. I will post about echo topics I am passionate about, tips that help improve your echo skills, and answer common questions that have arisen from my students and trainees.

An elementary echocardiography tutorial intended to serve as introduction to this diagnostic method, and directed to fellow professionals who start routine diagnostic work
Echoholics Anonymous is a space where our shared passions of enjoying fine echocardiography and fine beer can find an outlet. As Emergency Physicians our focus is on point of care echocardiography. We have learned from and collaborated with anesthesiologists, cardiologists, intensivists, and emergency physicians. We hope that practitioners from a variety of specialties and training pathways will find the content here useful and applicable to their practice.

And why beer? Why not? is a website for trainees and specialists in ICU, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine, interested in echo and ultrasound

Have you ever searched the internet for reliable answers about echocardiography related questions? With WikiEcho, the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) is now offering a free, up-to-date and reliable online encyclopaedia for all people interested in echocardiography. A large number of enthusiastic authors have already contributed over the past few months and from December 2012 the website is open to all users. Please help to make WikiEcho grow by participating actively in the discussions and writing your own articles. As in any wiki, contributions and changes will be published immediately, but to reassure you about the quality of the content, WikiEcho has a special feature: articles will be reviewed by an EACVI board of echocardiography experts. Watch out for the EACVI logo which indicates approved articles! We would be glad if WikiEcho becomes your most used and trusted online source in echocardiography.


Echocardiography in ICU brought to you by Stanford University – Created by Dr. Jon-Emile Kenny, this site ‘provides the reader and participant in these on-line lectures with an appreciation for cardiopulmonary interaction in the intensive care unit’.

ICU Sonography – Tutorials and other resources delivered by the Division of Critical Care at the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, India
The Division of Perioperative Echocardiography provides a range of online tutorials, cases and quizzes – perfect for those wanting an introduction to echo.
Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management Virtual Transesophageal Echocardiography website. This site is intended to be a resource for educators and students looking for tools to facilitate the teaching and learning of transesophageal echocardiography.
Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management Virtual Transthoracic Echocardiography website.
WINFOCUS ECHO Group – WINFOCUS Section for Critical Echocardiography is developing a research and educational plan to identify, discuss and develop at regional and International level point-of-care echocardiography applications in primary, emergency, and critical intensive care

General Medicine

Broome Docs: Rural Generalist Doctors Education – This Australian site is intended to provide a single source of up-to-date educational material for country doctors – good cases including ultrasound

The content of is updated regularly and believed to represent current state of knowledge but is provided as reference only.

This website contains information on the following skills:

  • Performing a standardized gastric ultrasound exam
  • Identifying the sonographic features of an empty stomach versus one with clear fluid or thick fluid/solid content
  • Measuring gastric fluid volume
  • Interpreting the findings of gastric sonography and its implications for aspiration risk assessment


Peter Van de Putte, MD
Anesthesiologist • AZ Monica, campus Deurne • Deurne, Belgium

Anahi Perlas, MD
Anesthesiologist • Toronto Western Hospital • Toronto, Canada

The mission of Practical Sonography is to provide medical ultrasound or sonographic educational materials for students, sonogaphers and radiologists.

General Practice

A GP Pocus blog maintained by Simon Wilson.


The SOFsono blog is intended for the Special Operations Forces (SOF) medical professionals of all breeds! Whether you are trying to learn a few tricks yourself, or you’d want to get your fellow Medics up to speed on ultrasound, we hope you’ll find it a valuable open-access resource.


Medical Online Communities – ultrasound content

The Teaching Co-Op is dedicated to the art, science and fun of medical education
Australasian emergency physicians and intensivists exploring the changing world of eLearning, emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology through clinical cases, fictionalized anecdotes and medical satire

PoCUS FOAMed is a collection of resources dedicated to point-of-care ultrasound. The resources we show are mostly free to access, but from time to time we will include reviews of paid content such as books and apps.

Developed as a teaching file this site contains a large number of general ultrasound cases from the teaching files from the Gelderse Vallei Hospital in Ede, the Netherlands

Sono.Gallery – Hundreds of medical ultrasound videos for free.
SonoWorld – The world’s largest single repository of ultrasound-related educational materials

SonoWorld’s mission is to improve patient care globally by removing barriers to education for healthcare professionals who wish to deliver quality ultrasound services. This mission is accomplished by providing free access to video lectures, cases, articles, textbook chapters, news and information about ultrasound – all authored and presented by globally-recognized experts. These resources are free to everyone, anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education Learning Modules – The mission of the Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education (SUSME) is to promote the use of ultrasound in medical education through development of educational experiences, research on outcomes, and distribution of results

A clearinghouse of resources related to facilitating the integration of ultrasound into medical school education created by the AIUM’s Ultrasound in Medical Education Interest Group

AIUM Ultrasound in Medical Education Interest Group

General ultrasound imaging cases

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound of the week:

Created by Ben C. Smith (MD, FACE) Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director of the University of Tennessee, Department of Emergency Medicine, Chattanooga, TN.

Ben created this blog as a way to keep his residents thinking about bedside ultrasound throughout their training.


Probe Ultrasound is a free educational website created By Dr Scott Weiss to help share his knowledge and experience gained over the years within the field of musculoskeletal ultrasound. It is designed to allow one to easily search for a real-live case of a particular procedure/diagnosis. Most of the cases are “Full Cases” in which the ultrasound study also delineates the normal anatomy in addition to the pathology and attempts to give a detailed history and physical regarding the case.
The Ultrasound Site aims to facilitate online learning for those who perform musculoskeletal ultrasound. You might be a Physiotherapist, Radiologist, Radiographer, Rheumatologist, Sports Medicine Physician…hopefully you will all offer your views, knowledge and skills to make this a fantastic learning environment. Musculoskeletal ultrasound is used in different ways, in different settings, by different professions and this is where we hope to bring it all together!


Useful critical care nursing resources with ultrasound included… Guide to Terrific Apps Every Nurse Should Be Using – Guide to Terrific Apps Every Nurse Should Be Using is brought to you by, which has been providing nursing professionals and prospective students with quality information about LPN to RN programs and nursing since 2009.

The blog is authored by Megen Duffy, a practicing nurse, board member of the Kansas State Nurses Association, and a contributing editor for the American Journal of Nursing.

Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Fertility

The Global Fertility Academy (GFA) is an educational platform for physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in infertility treatment. The GFA is a unique opportunity to participate in e-Learning training, as well as a means to stay abreast of the latest news and events in the field of reproductive endocrinology. This page provides a number of resources dedicated to fertility issues.
GYNAECOLOGY ULTRASOUND IMAGES: An educational website with gynaecology ultrasound images, videos and case of the week
OBImages: Current obstetrical ultrasound information
images and point of care reference for physicians, sonographers, and ob care providers


Pediatric Echocardiography – online instruction in interpretive echocardiography for improved detection of congenital heart disease in the clinical setting. It provides a comprehensive echo imaging database of fetal and transthoracic echocardiography. In addition, three introductory learning modules (normal anatomy, atrial septal defects and ventricular septal defects) are offered along with with pre and post testing to assess the user’s baseline knowledge and improvement following completion of the online learning modules. All answers and scores on the pre and post test are provided to the user upon completion of the post test (the post test becomes available once all views from all three modules have been viewed).

Website Creator and Content Editor: Josh Kailin, MD (Texas Children’s Hospital), Contributors: Center for Collaborative and Interactive Technologies (CCIT) team through Baylor College of Medicine (Michael Fordis, MD; Anne Perch, MBA, CHCP; Doug Alexander; Tony Adams; Kevin Musgrave; and Jason King, PhD).

Resuscitation Medicine

Resus.ME exists to help you keep up to date in all aspects of life-saving medicine, from acute medicine and paediatrics, to emergency and critical care medicine, and even pre-hospital care!

Vascular Ultrasound

Created by Shannon Peron (RDCS, RVT) to develop a community of vascular ultrasound professionals willing to share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences with fellow technologists and students

Colleges and Societies

November 12, 2012 · Marriot Marquis Hotel · New York, NY
Hosted by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)
The forum convened to address the expanding role of ultrasound imaging as a “first” imaging examination and to encourage the use of ultrasound as a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to other diagnostic imaging modalities where scientific evidence supports its appropriateness. The forum brought together a broad range of stakeholders, including leading health care experts, representatives from more than 30 medical societies, insurers, the US Olympic Committee, patient advocacy groups, government agencies, industry, and others.

The British Medical Ultrasound Society is a multi-disciplinary body whose objectives are:

  • The advancement of the science and technology of ultrasonics as applied to medicine.
  • The maintenance of the highest standards in these fields.
  • The advancement of education and research in these areas, and dissemination of the results.
  • The provision of advice and information regarding ultrasound to the public at large.
On February 11,1972, the delegates of 13 European societies met in Basel (Switzerland) for the formal foundation of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. Representing 28 member societies, this website provides news and education resources applicable to many medical disciplines.

Study Tools

En educational website by Antoine Ayer with a series of quiz images to eyeball that EF.

lets students create their own MCQs or practice others, and creates a personal revision plan for them based on what they most need to study each day. There are over 5,000 medical MCQs written by students and doctors and a few thousand medical students using it in the US and UK including some Ultrasound related questions. These are all available for free at their medical page

Online Emergency Ultrasound Exam made possible by a section grant from the American College of Emergency Physicians

Want to make your own ultrasound phantoms
Dr Kasia Hampton has collated a range of recipes for moulds of all sorts.

Ultrasound Q and A flashcards for revision

Ultrasound System Manufacturer Resources

Esaote has made available the MyLibrary Reference Guides otherwise integrated in the MyLab™ systems for users’ reference, which include anatomical atlas and “How to do” reference images. Topics include Abdomen, eFAST, vascular, regional anaesthesia and rheumatology.

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