Learn more about the Third Trimester Ultrasound for Sonographers

Are you ready to develop your third trimester ultrasound skills?

Zedu's five-day Third Trimester Ultrasound for Sonographers course offers an immersive and practical experience to fast-track your skills development and get you work-ready.

Who should attend

  • Trainee sonographers who need to learn new skills.
  • Newly qualified sonographers seeking to enhance their confidence and skill level.
  • Return-to-practice sonographers in need of skill refreshment.
  • Sonographers who are looking to change roles and want to hone their skills.

How you will learn

At Zedu, we believe in a comprehensive learning approach.
Our renowned hands-off teaching methods ensure you get more hands-on scanning practice. Our courses blend theory seamlessly with extensive practical sessions.
You'll understand the concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios. We take a step-by-step, structured approach to examinations, ensuring everything is covered thoroughly and nothing is left to chance.
The focus on repetitive practice ensures that you learn and retain the knowledge. You will practice on real people of various body shapes, sizes, and ages.
We start by developing your skills with normal, uncomplicated patients and then progress to more challenging body habitus’.
This gradual progression ensures that you build a solid foundation before tackling more complex scenarios, giving you the confidence to handle any situation. Additionally, you'll develop communication skills to support your clinical practice.

What the course covers

You will learn how to:
  • Move the probe intentionally to get the image you want.
  • Use the machine controls to optimise images proficiently.
  • Apply a systematic approach and structured protocol for scanning the:
    • Cervix
    • Placenta
    • Maternal anatomy
    • Fetal anatomy
  • Determine what images to take and why.
  • Communicate effectively in the exam room to obtain an appropriate presenting history, address patient concerns, and enhance patient satisfaction.
  • Perform accurate biometric measurements (BPD, HC, AC and FL).
  • Identify normal sonoanatomy and the appearance of common pathologies.
  • Purposefully acquire images of the fetal anatomy (Brain, face, heart, thorax, abdomen, limbs and digits).
  • Acquire the standard biometric scan planes for accurate measurement.
  • Assess the fetal well-being using AFI, UA, MCA and BPP.
  • Use sonographic terminology to accurately communicate ultrasound findings and complete worksheets for various imaging scenarios.

Running time

Day one: 8.30 - 17.00
Day two to five: 09.00 - 17.00
Location - the Zedu Learning HQ, Melbourne

Course outline

🖥️ Scanning principles
  • Explore system controls & knobology
  • Understand the impact of optimisation on the image
  • How to find the right window & get good images
  • 3D awareness of the anatomical position of the anatomy
  • Ergonomics
🔍Maternal environment
  • Establish fetal presentation
  • Placental position
  • Measure cervical length
  • Assessment of internal os
  • 🤰 Scanning practice on real women in their third trimester of pregnancy
🔍Fetal well-being
  • Fetal biometry
  • Fetal anatomy survey for common anomalies
  • Scan technique for AFI & fetal Dopplers
  • Measure AFI
  • Fetal tone, breathing & movements
  • Measure fetal heart rate
  • Umbilical artery Doppler & interpretation
  • Middle cerebral artery Doppler & interpretation
  • Limitations & pitfalls
  • Techniques to improve visualisation
  • 🤰 Scanning practice on real women in their third trimester of pregnancy


  • Duration (days) 5

Third Trimester Ultrasound for Sonographers


Unlock Your Potential with Zedu’s five-day Third Trimester Ultrasound Course – refine your skills in fetal biometry, anomaly detection, Doppler & more…

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