Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions is an ultrasound education provider based in Melbourne, Australia. With customers and social media followers from around the world, Zedu is a leader in medical education, driven by a passion to see high quality ultrasound use at the point of care become the standard, not
the exception.

Zedu is led by its founder Suean Pascoe, who formed the company in 2007, with the aim of creating a fun, focused and relevant education experience that ultimately leads to better patient care. With co-director Michael Duncan, and a team of passionate educators, Zedu’s unique interactive way of delivering ultrasound training is synonymous with excellence.

Our Mission

To deliver clinically focused and transformative education so that clinicians can integrate ultrasound safely and effectively to improve patient care.

Meet the Owners

Suean and Michael

When we launched Ultrasound Training Solutions in 2007, ultrasound was still mainly a thing found in the radiology department. A bit dark and mysterious. A little ‘irrelevant’ at the front line of care. More something that specialists used for inpatients.

But times have changed.

The awareness of the need for ultrasound to burst out of its silo is greater than ever. The value of imaging in an instant is acknowledged. The technology is there. The potential is unlimited.

And so with change came a need to rethink education. Enter Zedu.

We’ve made it our mission to break down the silos, and make sure you can use ultrasound to be the difference. For all medical specialties. For all patients – every day. We take a fresh no nonsense approach to ultrasound, fuelling you with the skills, focus and passion that will propel you through your clinical life. And all the while having a hell of a lot of fun.

Who would have thought ultrasound – for all its glorious silence – would generate friendship, laughter and unending change. And that’s what keeps motivating us.

Zedu Ultrasound Training is all about the future, and we are so excited to share this with all of you. So join the movement knowing you are making a difference.

– Michael & Suean

Chief Inspiration Officers

Zedu is driven by seven key values:

Zedu Ultrasound Training


Focusing on clinical practice to deliver immediate benefit to clinicians and patients

Zedu Ultrasound Training


Learning should always be fun, engaging and entertaining

Zedu Ultrasound Training


Providing real patients, small groups and skilled educators for best practice education

Zedu Ultrasound Training


Create a ripple effect – making a difference for clinicians so they can make a difference for their patients

Zedu Ultrasound Training


Creative teaching methods to inspire better results

Zedu Ultrasound Training


Making friends and breaking silos is what we’re about; the future of medicine lies in collaboration

Zedu Ultrasound Training


No question’s too big, too small, or too silly – no judgements here