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Zedu - free ultrasound books

Recommended Books

People regularly contact us to get our recommendations on books and other resources that we think are valuable to further ultrasound knowledge. Whatever the topic, we’ve got our favourites – you can’t beat a good old fashioned book. In this list of top ultrasound books there’s something for everyone.

Zedu - free ultrasound books

Free Ultrasound e-Books

If you’re a student of ultrasound, or looking to revise your POCUS practice, then you’ll find something in our collection of free E-books and pdfs.

Zedu Covid-19 ultrasound resources

Covid-19 Ultrasound Resources

A resource of the best in #POCUS ultrasound resources from the best in #POCUS providers around the world – dedicated to the fight against Covid-19.

Ultrasound Apps

Looking for apps to help you in your pursuit of ultrasound nirvana? Why not check out the range of free and paid solutions that are available out there…

Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions

DIY Ultrasound Phantom Compendium

DIY ultrasound phantom development – as far as we can tell – first entered academic literature in 1978 where Madsen et al. catalogued their efforts to develop a gelatin based analog. Over the next 40 – and particularly the past ten – years a growing body of academic and kitchen based experimentation has emerged to develop ultrasound simulation tools.

Zedu Free Ultrasound Medical Education Links

Medical Education Ultrasound Links

Looking for resources to help you with your ultrasound – we’ve got you! A page of links to resources we’ve found useful over the years…

SonoAus18 – POCUS through the Looking Glass

SonoAus – synonymous with delivering excellence in point-of-care ultrasound education – went off with a bang in 2018. With our hand picked POCUS world leaders – Chris Fox, Rachel Liu and Arun Nagdev – we had a ball.

1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester worksheets

You want to do a 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester scan but need a better worksheet? Look no further…

Colleges & Societies

The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) is an incorporated educational institution whose prime objective is the training and examination of specialist emergency physicians for Australia and New Zealand and the ongoing Maintenance of Professional Standards of the Fellows.