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Pregnant Model

Have you always wanted another opportunity to take a sneak peek at your baby outside the pressure of a hospital or your obstetrician’s office? Then here is your chance…

Zedu trains medical professionals in ultrasound, providing them with the knowledge that helps them make sure your baby – and those of other mothers – is healthy and well.

And to make sure they’re the best they can be, we need real pregnant models for them to practice on – especially those in their first and third trimesters.

So why not join us and meet your new family member in a safe and supportive environment, and take the opportunity to watch as and learn more about your pregnancy.

PLUS…you’re not only paid for your time, but you’ll also get to take home more images of your baby

Sign up now and we’ll be in touch – we look forward to meeting you.

Please fill in the online form, or if you’d like to discuss anything about the what, why and where of participating in an ultrasound course
please call Samuel on 0401 810 585 or email

Info before you register to be a Pregnant Model…

  • We’re located at Suite 2, Level 1, 8-10 Flintoff Street Greensborough
  • Appointments are for about 1 hour
  • We pay you $20 by cheque
  • This scan is for training and education purposes, and is not a diagnostic scan
  • You’ll need to fill out a consent form and supply your doctor’s details. We’ll give you your consent form when you arrive – you can see an example here
  • For more information see our Pregnant Model FAQs below

My experience as a pregnant model was absolutely fantastic. For the first time I was able to enjoy watching baby. Staff and training clinicians were wonderful would recommend this experience to anyone that is pregnant with time.

~ Nina ~


Zedu teaches obstetricians how to use ultrasound scanning machines. To ensure that their skills are among the best in the world, these doctors must practise the use of ultrasound on real pregnant people to simulate real-life situations as would be encountered in the workplace.

Yes - you will be paid $25 by cheque.
Zedu runs courses generally during normal workdays a week between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.
Session times are a maximum of one hour.
Yes - you are welcome to bring a friend or partner. Please note: Covid restrictions mean that only 1 person can accompany you to your viewing, and limited by time.
This is an external examination only. We scan the mother's pelvic organs and the baby across the torso.
There will be a maximum of four doctors and an experienced tutor in the room at any one time. Every measure possible is taken to protect your privacy and ensure your comfort.
Absolutely not. We DO NOT provide an official report of any kind. However, if we find anything incidentally we will advise you and your doctor.
All courses are run at the Zedu facility in Greensborough.