The Zedu Crew


As the self appointed CEO (Canine Entertainment Officer), Barney is the true secret to Zedu’s success.

He has overcome a ruff start to life, working around the lack of an opposable thumb to take ultrasound to the next level. A wag in the truest sense, Barney feels most at home on the scan floor with his pack, gelling with everyone he meets. If you’re getting stressed, one pat and you’ll be back on track – making sure there’s no need to resort to CAT scans. But be warned, he isn’t a roll over! If he thinks your scan technique isn’t up to scratch he’ll bark his orders and put a flea in your ear.

When he’s not at work, Barney dreams of chasing cats, winning TREATS Lotto and howling to the tunes of Snoop Dogg.

Secret power – sleeping


Suean – yes…that is the correct spelling – is our ‘POCUS Provedore’, the visionary force behind Zedu.

Having started out life as a gymnastics coach, Suean’s focus has always been on getting the best out of people. But now – rather than asking gymnasts to point their toes – she’s applying her decades of knowledge and asking clinicians to point (or rock, or slide, or sweep) their probes.

Suean’s fascination with the impact that small changes can make to outcomes – whether it be in image acquisition or language – has seen her pursue higher education qualifications, making sure Zedu is always at the cutting edge. Her hunger for knowledge is infectious, and you’ll find her asking questions of everything in the quest to improve ultrasound teaching. This, combined with a pragmatic approach to getting results, is why she’s so highly sought after as an international speaker and tutor at major ultrasound conferences. For her dedication and contribution “in a most distinguished fashion to the field of ultrasound” Suean was recently awarded Fellowship of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.

In her desire to deliver world best education Suean doesn’t do downtime – but when she isn’t teaching or travelling she is guilty of enjoying reality TV, social media, testing new recipes on the family and has set herself the goal of broadening her knowledge of gin and bourbon.

Secret power – precognition


Mike, known professionally as Mike, is our ‘Director of Details’.

He built his career early on in the economics and regulation of pipes and wires industries, but the appeal of helping people more directly drew him into the world of ultrasound. He has never looked back.

His ability to keep things on track is legendary – and as a bit of a jack of all trades he can turn his hand at everything from IT problems to talking maternity wear with our pregnant patient models. Just be prepared for a bad dad joke or two…and do not upset his clear desk policy…

Mike’s also our resident social media ninja, making sure our social channels always have the latest and greatest ground breaking ultrasound news.

When he’s not keeping us all in line at the Zedu HQ, you’ll find him enjoying family life which may or may not include Lego, Back to the Future and a BBQ.

Secret power – flying

Adam O'Brien


Ultrasound is kid’s play – just ask our resident paediatric expert and sonologist extraordinaire Adam.

Anyone who meets Adam (FACEM, DDU) is quickly charmed; simply experiencing his calm, measured and generous approach to teaching ultrasound reveals his years of dealing with the under 18s at the country’s leading paediatric facility – The Royal Children’s Hospital – or from his formative early years as a gatekeeper at for the VFL at Victoria Park. So dealing with the likes of us is a comparative doddle!

Adam’s truly excited by ultrasound – both its ability to provide real-time anatomical and physiological information in emergent situations and how it can help reduce procedural complications. For these reasons Adam is passionate to ensure that all clinicians develop their ultrasound skills; he walks the walk by dedicating professional and personal time to educating others – whether in the clinic or through one of his many publications.

So when Adam isn’t scanning, he’s cheering for his beloved Pies, cycling to keep fit and plotting some R&R.

Secret power – that’s a secret


If you’re looking for an ultrasound sensei to take you to the next level then look no further – our resident Mr Miyagi sonologist Allan will have you waxing on with the probe like a pro in no time flat.

A supremely qualified, experienced and respected FACEM and educator (CCPU (OTAGO), CCPU (ASUM), GRAD DIP CLIN ED (MELB)), Allan’s passion for ultrasound is contagious. Nothing’s too much trouble – if you’re struggling, he’ll be there with you every step of the way until you get the results you’re after. We have a suspicion that his first job putting lids on yoghurt must have provided the discipline of character to focus. But he does have a chequered past – ask him about the HZ Holden panel van he shared with his twin brother in his younger years…

When he isn’t exercising learners on the scan floor or online, Allan’s focused on developing his karate prowess, singing Crowded House or Paul Kelly tunes, cheering for the Pies, eating Thai food or planning the next holiday.

Secret power – the power of persuasion


Her name means ‘bringer of peace and joy’, and this is what you will experience when Anzelle takes you under her wings.

This sense of calm comes from a depth of knowledge that her international experience has brought. Anzelle has travelled far and wide – from Durban to Istanbul, Dubai to Moscow – leading ultrasound training and education programs for clinicians from every medical field. The ease with which she can make the complex simple (in more than one language) means you’ll learn fast, and when you do she’ll set even more challenges.

When she’s not sprinkling her gems of wisdom through the Zedu learning HQ, Anzelle is a woman of contrasts. She loves hiking and being in the peace of nature with her family as well as the idyll of serene Australian beaches, but is equally energised by the samba of Brazil, the excitement of FIFA world cup soccer and the harmonies of R&B music! If you ask nicely she may even play you a few tunes herself!

Secret power – Wonder Woman leaps

Carolyn Garlick


Meet Carolyn, our ever bubbly Italian cuisine enthusiast and sunshine seeker.

Born with an insatiable appetite for pasta and a love for all things Italian, when not savoring a bowl of spaghetti, you’ll find Carolyn at Zedu sharing her deep knowledge of obstetric ultrasound with all who pass our threshold. Be sure to tap her depth of knowledge – it can’t be beat!

When not here at the Zedu HQ, Carolyn’s a sun seeking traveller. When she doesn’t have a book in hand, her favorite pastime involves coffee, chats, and connecting with family and friends. Oh – and backing the West Coast Eagles (sorry to hear that…).

Be sure to book in a day with Carolyn where you can. With a grand plan to completing “The Big Lap” of Australia one day she might be hard to catch!

Secret power – assisting people to find their true meaning and purpose


If you were forced to use one word to define our magician of the musculoskeletal it would be this – dynamo!

Iwona is always on the go – whether it be teaching the finer points of imaging tendons and muscles, learning Mandarin or working on her forehand volley. And that’s usually all before breakfast. When you’re working with Iwona you’re guaranteed to be entertained and energised, inspired to take your scanning to the next level. She may even tell you a tale or two of her days as a busser at the infamous The Keg Steak and Seafood in Dandenong.

In the near future Iwona wants to complete a full marathon (why does that not surprise us), explore Canada and Alaska (all of it), renovate a house Fixer Upper style and see Hawthorn win the Grand Final (she has some advice on that too).

Secret power – healing

James Ferrie - Podiatrist educator with Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions


If you need to be fleet of foot in your podiatry practice, then you musn’t walk past learning ultrasound from James – Australia’s pre-eminent instructor and global advocate for the benefits that POCUS can deliver.

James (B. Pod. (La Trobe); Mem. A. Pod. A) is a powerhouse of podiatry and can’t stand still too long. He’s completed post-grad training in ultrasound and fluoroscopy-guided foot and ankle procedures with the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation (USA), is certified in lower extremity musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound and works alongside one of Australia’s leading foot & ankle surgeons, allowing him to utilise his ultrasound skills in minimally invasive surgery and injections. He is Principal Practitioner / Founder of My Sports Podiatrist, lectures on Diagnostic Ultrasound & Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), is a specialist instructor of the Swiss DolorClast® Shockwave therapy and an international ambassador for the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certification Academy™. The mastery approach James applies to everything is no doubt founded in his formative years, where the early mornings and the focus required for cake decoration as a young baker with Woolworths imbued a discipline only the fresh food people could instil…

When he’s not teaching, running his business or enjoying a quiet beer with us he likes nothing more than working on keeping fit, travelling, hiking and scuba diving.

Secret power – breathing underwater

Jason Scop


Our international contingent continues to grow as we welcome Jason to the Zedu crew, bringing with him an exotic blend of South African-ness, emergency medicine-ness and ultrasound-ness 🙂

Having made his way east to Melbourne in recent years – following a long time in senior roles at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth – Jason (McCHb, FACEM, DDU (Emergency)) is a passionate advocate for point-of-care ultrasound, and as such will drive you hard in a quest for excellence.
But never fear, with a wicked sense of humour you’ll laugh along the way.

Beyond the realm of emergency medicine, Jason is a music enthusiast, with Journey claiming the top spot as his favorite band. We won’t stop believing! When hunger strikes he craves the fiery kick of chili-infused delicacies, making anything with spice an instant favorite on the menu.
And away from the medical charts and diagnostic tools, Jason’s ideal holiday destination is a serene, quiet beach – and his “time out” is found in the rhythm of running. We keep him running here – it must be why he likes coming back! Visit him here and – if you’re looking to improve your heart imaging – be sure to put him to the test. He’ll love it.

Secret power – to fly

Jonathan (Jono)

If ultrasound was a style of music it would be jazz – improvised, spontaneous and dynamic. That is probably why Jonathan (Jono) – with his background in jazz piano – is such an adept scanner.

Providing more kiwi power to the Zedu crew, Jono (FACEM, CCPU (ASUM)) is a leader in the ultrasound space, with a specific passion for echocardiography. An enthusiastic and generous teacher, Jono is committed to ensuring the delivery of better medicine in resource limited settings by promoting the utilisation of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). He regularly leads a volunteer contingent to Vanuatu as he works to advance local emergency care capabilities while the country continues to recover after tropical cyclone Pam hit the country in 2015.

In his downtime Jono loves nothing more than spending time with his family (including dog Syana), tinkling the ivories and exploring the delights of vegetarian cuisine.

Myra Theisz - Lead sonographer educator Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions


What do you get when you combine paramedicine with ultrasound, throw in a bit of history ‘running’ a supermarket and mix it together with a flair for the adventurous? The answer’s pretty simple – you get Myra.

A highly experienced and multitalented healthcare professional, when she’s not teaching and scanning Myra’s all about family and music (“the National’ being her favourite band) and has been known to geek out with us about sci-fi stuff (needless to say her favourite car is a DeLorean). Plus she is a dab hand at accumulating hobbies and their associated paraphernalia; currently she’s dabbling in everything from playing the cello to nurturing her veggie seedlings and even amateur distillation. Can’t wait to try that distillate 🙂

When it comes to food Myra’s taste buds are all about Vietnamese cuisine, and with a love for adventure Vietnam is her dream holiday destination that she hopes to adventure through with her family soon. Maybe in a DeLorean?

Secret power – teleportation (no more long flights to Vietnam, perhaps?)


Do it once, do it right and then chill out – the mantra of our managerial maestro Samuel ensures everything runs ship shape at Zedu.

Whether this approach comes from the discipline he garnered over the years spent travelling the high seas, his experience in the entertainment industry and financial sector, or simply because he’s a kiwi we won’t complain! His attention to detail and commitment ensures we can deliver – he’s the voice you’ll hear on the phone, the first face you’ll see in the morning and the last at night. He’s always up for a laugh – just make sure he has had a coffee first thing…

Given his performing arts qualification Samuel has a few hidden talents up his sleeve, and may reveal these if you ask nicely; we have it on good authority that he will entertain your requests if you supply a good beer and Japanese cuisine (KFC will definitely not cut it). In his down time Samuel hangs out with friends, spoils his French bulldogs, has been known to hit the gym and is looking forward to the next holiday adventure.

Secret power – flying


What do you do if you’ve mastered the art and science of ultrasound and you’re looking for the next challenge? You start studying medicine! At least that’s what Steven – our resident med-student in training – has concluded.

Having worked in ultrasound in a senior capacity for over 15 years (including running his own ultrasound business), Steven’s desire to help people has seen him take the leap into the world of the physician. We’re not sure, and can only surmise, but we’re thinking that a Kingswood vs fence situation in his formative years may also have spurred a desire to fix things. Or maybe it was the stints as a Myer Santa or knife salesman (hopefully not concurrently) that led to the career choice…

So when you’re working with Steven in one of our courses you get the unique combination of a super scanner that understands the demands of medical training, while also bringing a business sensibility to his approach. We call that the ultimate triple-threat.

When he’s not studying, scanning or sleeping Steven is an avid history buff and hopes one day to return to Jerusalem with his family to explore the antiquities of the Middle East. He’s also a bit of a musician, enjoys a good steak and one day hopes to go to space and see the northern lights. We’re sure astronaut on Steven’s CV is perfectly achievable…

Secret power – teleportation


If obstetrics is where your future lies, then make sure you follow a path that intersects with Suguna – our very own Queen B of ultrasound (if B stands for babies).

Suguna was always destined to be a master of the scan – would you believe her first job was at an ultrasound clinic? This defined her career (taking her to FRANZCOG, MMed (Fetal Cardiology), and DDU) and made her realise that passion at work always leads to excellence. When you visit Zedu HQ you’ll get to experience that passion for yourself.

Her other loves include Indian and Thai cuisine (the authentic style and ‘not what gets peddled in restuarants’), family and good old fashioned ’70s and ’80s tunes. Our Queen B can knock out a killer Queen tune or two that would leave Freddie impressed.

Secret power – being able to offer comfort and hope in secret

Our Clinical Crew Honour Roll

Our honour roll of amazing clinical experts that have contributed to Zedu’s programs through the years:

Dr Warren Adie - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Warren Adie
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Lindsay Bridgford - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Lindsay Bridgford
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Jun Keat Chan - Anaesthetist with ZeduDr. Jun Keat (JK) Chan
Consultant anaesthetist

Dr Peter Cheng - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Peter Cheng
Consultant emergency physician

Dr James Ferrie - Podiatrist with ZeduDr. James Ferrie
Consultant podiatrist

Dr Lisa Lin - Anaesthetist with ZeduDr. Lisa Lin
Consultant anaesthetist

Dr Kezia Mansfield - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Kezia Mansfield
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Sanneil Mathias - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Sanneil Mathias
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Julie Miller - Endocrine surgeon with ZeduDr. Julie Miller
Consultant endocrine surgeon

Chris Mitchell - sonographer educator with ZeduChris Mitchell
Ultrasound educator

Dr Diarmuid O'Malley - Endocrine and breast surgeon with ZeduDr. Diarmuid O’Malley
Consultant breast & endocrine surgeon

Dr Peter Papdopoulos - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Peter Papadopoulos
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Luke Philips - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Luke Phillips
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Pourya Pouryahya - Emergency physician with ZeduA/Prof Pourya Pouryahya
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Liz Prentice - Anaesthetists with ZeduDr. Elizabeth Prentice
Consultant anaesthetist

Dr Sarah Rickman - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Sarah Rickman
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Alice Robinson - Obstetrician with ZeduDr. Alice Robinson
Consultant gynaecologist & obstetrician

Dr Sathi Seevanayagam - Anaesthetist with ZeduDr. Sathi Seevanayagam
Consultant anaesthetist

Dr Michael Sewell - General practitioner with ZeduDr. Michael Sewell
Consultant general practitioner

Dr Jack SPencer - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Jack Spencer
Consultant emergency physician

Dr Susan Thomas - Emergency physician with ZeduDr. Susan Thomas
Consultant emergency general practitioner

Dr Nicole Woodrow - Obstetrician with ZeduDr. Nicole Woodrow
Consultant gynaecologist & obstetrician

Dr Yang Yang - Critical care physicianwith ZeduDr. Yang Yang
Consultant critical care physician

Dr Mark Zammit - Anaesthetist with ZeduDr. Mark Zammit
Consultant anaesthetist

Contributing Faculty

Our online and blended courses have been developed with the support of the following faculty:

Dr Michael Blaivas (MD, MBS, FACEP, FAIUM) – Affiliate Professor of Medicine University of South Carolina School of Medicine; Founder and Past President, Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education; Past Vice President, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine; Founder and Past President, WINFOCUS; Deputy Editor, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine; Deputy Editor, JACEP Open Journal; Founder and Inaugural Editor-in-Chief, The Ultrasound Journal; Past Board Member, WFUMB; Past Chair, ACEP Ultrasound Section; Department of Emergency medicine, St. Francis Hospital, Columbus

Jason H. Boitnott (BSN, RN) – ICU Nurse – cofounder EMSPOCUS

Dr Creagh Boulger (MD, FACP, FAIUM) – Assistant Professor – Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre

Dr Brian Doyle (FACEM, CCPU) – Emergency Physician & Clinical Lead Emergency Ultrasound – Royal Hobart Hospital

Dr Jonathan Henry (MBChB, FACEM, CCPU, MClinUS) – Emergency Physician – Bass Coast Health

Dr Michael Torres Lizardi (MD) – Internal Medicine – Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

Dr Lauren R McCafferty (MD) – Emergency Physician – University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University Ohio

Dr Gregory Mints (MD) – Internal Medicine – Assistant Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University; Assistant Director Hospital Medicine POCUS Fellowship, WCMC; Assistant Attending Physician – NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Dr Casey Parker (MBBS, DCH, FRACGP, GradDip Rural Anaesth) – General Practitioner – DMO (District Med Officer) Broome Hospital; Clinical Teacher Rural Clinical School of UWA / Notre Dame

Dr Luke Phillips (FACEM, MBBS, BSc (BioMed), CCPU) – Emergency Physician, Alfred Health

Dr Kevin Piro (MD) – Assistant Professor of Medicine, General Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship Director, Director of Internal Medicine Ultrasound Education, Oregon Health and Science University

Dr Gregor Prosen (MD, FEBEM, PhD) – Emergency Physician – University Clinical Centre Maribor Slovenia, EUSEM Chair – Education Committee

Dr Allan Whitehead (FACEM, CCPU) – Emergency Physician – Wonthaggi Base Hospital, Bass Coast Health

Dr Tanping Wong (MD) – Internal Medicine – Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University; Director Hospital Medicine POCUS Fellowship, WCMC; Assistant Attending Physician – NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital