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As an independent training provider, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer you the most diverse range of ultrasound equipment available in Australia.

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Zedu proudly partners with 123Sonography, the largest international ultrasound community on the web, to bring world leading blended learning to you.

With hours of lectures delivered by experts in the field, thousands of quality images and hundreds of cases, 123Sonography courses provide the perfect complement to our hands-on courses.

Before or after you join Zedu, you can watch high-quality 123Sonography courses online anytime and anywhere – from home, at work, or while on the go. Everything is self-paced. YOU DECIDE.

Watch this space as we work with 123Sonography to bring the best of international ultrasound learning to you.

Probe Logic - Smart Transducer Technology

Did you know that approximately 25% of transducers in clinical use have some type of undetected fault or performance inhibiting structural defect?

If you find your image isn’t up to scratch, or your transducer is looking worse for the wear, then you need to meet the Probelogic team. Their test and fix services deliver a cost effective and efficient solution to your problems –  with about 2 out of 3 transducers previously thought to be ‘faulty’ able to be repaired and returned to service Probelogic can save you time and money.

So if there’s something strange, and your images don’t look good, give Probelogic a call.