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Build your confidence and gain expertise

Zedu coaching and scanning practice options lead you to independent and safe practice sooner. If you need to know that you’re scanning properly and doing it right or want to be the local go to expert in your department, Zedu tailored days help you be the difference for your patients.

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment”

— Zig Ziglar

Bundle an ultrasound system with your training

Considering buying your own system?
The ultrasound machines used at Zedu can be bundled with your training course and billed to CME funds.
From handheld to cart systems, talk to us about your options.
As each system can be configured a variety of ways, we can talk to you about a solution that fits your clinical needs and budget.
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Learn about the handheld and cart systems you can buy here.

Zedu Coaching & Scanning Practice

Zedu personalised scanning practice days are all about you developing your skills in ultrasound. Fast! Whether it be at our learning HQ in Melbourne or at your workplace, Zedu coaching sessions will increase your confidence, improve your ability and speed until you become skilled at ultrasound.

You practice image generation, optimisation and documentation again and again. Through repetition, your ultrasound skills are practised and refined over time so that it becomes easier to get the views you need when you want.

Practice alone doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect. Otherwise bad habits can become ingrained. Our clinically experienced coaches will provide one-on -one instruction and give you real time feedback so that you know you’re scanning properly and getting the best images that you can.

Scanning practice days are recognised by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

CME Recognition

Zedu ultrasound courses carry ACRRM CPD accreditation - this is an accredited activity for the 2023 - 2025 triennium.
PDP Hours: Reviewing Performance (6) | MOPS Hours: Radiology (12)

Zedu ultrasound workshops are approved by ACEM for CPD in 20248 CPD Hours (per day)

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised for CPD by ANZCA

Participants in the ANZCA CPD program can claim attendance under
the Knowledge and Skills category ‘Short format learning’

RACGP scanning day CPD activity approved - Zedu

CPD Approved Activity (per day)

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Learn at Zedu

Often in the workplace it is difficult to get the right mix of cases to allow for repetitive practice. It may be days and sometimes weeks before you get to practice the same type of scan again

At Zedu, we book a list of diverse patients so that skills transfer becomes easy in your workplace. You get a guaranteed case-mix so that you can practice the same scan again and again and meet your training objectives faster. You can even bring your own ultrasound system if you want!

Learn at work

We take the hassle out of travelling and do it for you. You simply go to work as usual and we come to you.

Our clinically experienced coaches can troubleshoot problems you’re having with your machine. We can take you through the must know, should know and could know features and have you using your system like a pro.

Our coaches can help you get better images on your sick patients because it’s not always as easy as it looks. They’ll share their trade secrets with you and build your confidence in scanning even in the most challenging circumstances.

Learn at home

Zedu coaches can systematically review your images and provide comprehensive feedback. Send us your pictures and we can give you feedback on all things technical and remind you of the practical scanning tips as well – all from the comfort of your own home.

You may need reassurance that you’re on the right track or advice on how to get an image that you always struggle with.

Our expert coaches can help you determine whether the images are diagnostic and appropriate for the clinical scenario.

Patient confidentiality is always maintained, and sessions are focused on the technical aspects of the ultrasound exam.

Zedu Coaching Packages


(inc. GST)*

White Belt Package

1x Zedu Coaching session

Consolidate skills learned in your course and practice scan after scan making the most of your time. Book a day to follow on from your course for best results.

Zedu Coaching - White Belt Package


(inc. GST)*

White Belt+ Package

1x Zedu Coaching session – including transvaginal and/or scrotum scanning

Extend skills learned in your course and practice scan after scan making the most of your time. Book a day to follow on from your course for best results.

Zedu Coaching - White Belt Package


(inc. GST)*

Yellow Belt Package

2x Zedu Coaching sessions in 6 months

One-on-one teaching sessions with our expert coaches can develop and refine your skills or provide a pathway to competence. Focus on any topic of point of care ultrasound, a Yellow Belt Zedu coaching package will get you upskilled and qualified in no time.

Zedu Personalised Coaching - Orange Belt Package


(inc. GST)*

Green Belt Package

4x Zedu coaching sessions in 1 year

Want to extend beyond the core applications? Whilst the clinical environment is an ideal place to learn, a guaranteed case mix and repetitive practice is what it takes to hone your ultrasound skills. A Green Belt Zedu Coaching package is four days of intense one on one coaching focussing on any aspect of point of care ultrasound. Instalment payment plans can be arranged.

Zedu Personalised Coaching - Green Belt Package


(inc. GST)*

Purple Belt Package

8x Zedu Coaching sessions in 2 years

A Purple Belt Zedu Coaching package is for those passionate about ultrasound wanting to hone their craft. You may have reached the point where you are training others and need to be sure of your own skills. You could gain 10% of your clinical experience supervised by a technical expert for the DDU qualification. You may just want to know that you can get good images not matter what the circumstance and confidently call a scan inconclusive because it truly is so.

Imagine what 8 days of dedicated coaching could do for you. Instalment payment plans can be arranged.

Zedu Personalised Coaching - Purple Bely Package


(inc. GST)*

Black Belt Package

15 x Zedu Coaching sessions in 2 years

This package is for the real enthusiasts! Ideal for those pursuing a Diagnostic Diploma in Ultrasound or other credential, a Black Belt Zedu coaching package will have you completing over 20% of your clinical time under the expert guidance of one of our technical coaches and scanning like a pro in no time. Sessions can be booked to fit with your schedule whether it be a week in one hit or a day a month – its up to you. We will support your learning and skills development so that you’re confident that your imaging makes the grade. Instalment payment plans can be arranged.

*Prices may be subject to change where inclusion of testicular, vaginal and 1st trimester patient models are requested. Additional charges apply for delivery of training outside of Melbourne.

Zedu Personalised Coaching - Black Belt Package

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Thank you for another well organised individual scanning day.

I always learn a new trick of the trade from your awesome team of teachers. Everyone is very approachable and gives great feedback. I love the one on one coaching the day after a course, nothing like instant repetition to consolidate your learning the day after.I also appreciate the generous scanning times allocated on these days and the wide variety of patients that I get to practise on.

– Dr Thiri Aung-Holebrook