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  • Basic Echo in Life Support

    At the completion of this course you will have developed a systematic approach to conduct cardiac ultrasound assessment of a shocked or arrested patient, and the ability to use…


    Basic echo in life support

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  • Essential Ultrasound for Anaesthetics

    Learn how to use ultrasound to safely guide nerve blocks for common orthopaedic surgical procedures. Evaluate the cardiac anatomy prior to emergency surgery.

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    Needle guidance techniques

    Nerve blocks

    Regional anaesthesia


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  • Focused Cardiac Ultrasound

    Move beyond the basics and build your confidence to perform and interpret cardiac ultrasound. Master your spatial reasoning skills to get the best image possible for diagnosis.

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    RV/LV function



    Integration in arrest

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  • Lung

    Learn how to integrate lung ultrasound into the assessment of the arrested, breathless, febrile or shocked patient. Understand how the image is generated to successfully correlate with…



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  • Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access

    Avoid complications and learn how to use ultrasound to guide your difficult peripheral and central vascular access procedures.

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    Vascular access

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