Learn more about the Lung Ultrasound Course - Blended

A blended approach to learning lung ultrasound

Combining focused online content with 1-on-1 hands-on training, the lung blended learning ultrasound courses delivers the best of both worlds. It’s flexible, on demand and ready when you are: it’s like having your own ultrasound personal trainer.

What you get

You get access to two online modules with over 11.5 hours of content, including case studies developed by our international contributors:
  • Getting started in ultrasound online module
  • Lung online module
AND 3 hours of 1-on-1 training
  • either with us in Melbourne or
  • over 3 one hour virtual ultrasound education sessions delivered in real-time online – wherever you are.

The choice is yours.


Learn how to integrate lung ultrasound into the assessment of the arrested, breathless, febrile or shocked patient. Understand how the image is generated to successfully correlate with the clinical presentation. On completion of this one-day clinically focused ultrasound program, you will:
  • Use ultrasound system controls to optimise imaging for accurate diagnosis
  • Develop proficiency in probe manipulation to efficiently acquire diagnostic images
  • Describe the limitations and clinical integration of the lung ultrasound examination
  • Use a systematic approach to conduct ultrasound assessment of the lungs in the shocked, arrested, breathless and febrile patient
  • Demonstrate ultrasound guided needle placement in plane and out of plane for draining pleural effusions using ultrasound simulators

CME recognition 

Zedu ultrasound workshops are approved by ACEM for CPD in 202411.5 CPD hours

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised for CPD by The Australasian College of ParamedicineRecognised for CPD

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised for CPD by ANZCA

CPD Short Format Learning

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised by ASUM for CCPULung and Pleural Effusion



  • Online (hours); 10+
  • Videos on demand 16 (>4.25 hours)
  • Resources Yes
  • Downloadable learning activities Yes
  • Skills development plan Yes
  • Case studies 9 (>1.5 hours)
  • Scanning time (hours) 3
  • Lifetime access Yes

1-on-1 class time

Negotiated with you – either 1-on-1 tuition of 3 hours at the Zedu Learning HQ or 3 x 1 hour Virtual Ultrasound Education (VUE) sessions in real time (weekday delivery).

Online Modules

1. Getting Started Module


    • Explore system controls
    • Understand the impact of optimisation on the image
    • Presets, frequency, depth, focus and gain
    • How to label the image
    • How to store and review images

Scanning Principles

    • Probe care
    • Probe moves
    • Probe grip
    • Probe and screen orientation
    • 3D awareness of the anatomical position of the organs

2. Lung Module

Assess shocked, arrested, breathless or febrile patients

    • The artifacts of lung ultrasound
    • Utility LUS in Covid
    • Pneumothorax, absence of lung sliding, lung point
    • Pulmonary oedema
    • Pleural effusions
    • Pneumonia
    • Pulmonary consolidation and fibrosis
    • Breathless and febrile patient
    • Use of M-Mode
    • Lung ultrasound protocols and the role it plays in advanced life support
    • Limitations and pitfalls
    • Clinical utility and application
    • Case vignettes

CME details

ACEM | Approved for 11.5 ACEM CPD hours.

ACP | This course is recognised by the Australasian College of Paramedicine for CPD hours.

ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA CPD program can claim attendance under the Knowledge and Skills category ‘Learning sessions’ at 1 credit per hour for the lectures/presentations. Hands on workshops may be claimed under the Knowledge and skills category ‘Short format learning’ at 2 credits per hour.

ASUM | CCPU Accredited Units: Lung, Pleural Effusion

Lung Ultrasound Course – Blended


Learn how to integrate lung ultrasound into the assessment of the arrested, breathless, febrile or shocked patient.

Start your journey with Zedu – we look forward to delivering a focused and relevant educational experience for you.