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MTOP Ultrasound - Blended approach to learning ultrasound for family planning

Combining focused online content with 1-on-1 hands-on training, the family planning blended learning ultrasound courses delivers the best of both worlds. It’s flexible, on demand and ready when you are: it’s like having your own ultrasound personal trainer.

What you get

You get access to two online modules with over 12 hours of content, including case studies developed by our international contributors:
  • Getting started in ultrasound online module
  • MTOP Ultrasound online module
  • 5.5 hours of 1-on-1 training with us in Melbourne.


Confirm an intrauterine pregnancy and estimate the gestational age, evaluate for RPOC and IUCD positioning. Evaluate for ectopic pregnancy, confirm an intrauterine pregnancy or discover the cause of your patient’s pain and bleeding. On completion of this clinically focused ultrasound program, learners will be able to:
  • Compare the advantages and disadvantages of transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound in early pregnancy assessment
  • Perform a structured ultrasound examination of early pregnancy
  • Describe the sonographic appearances and diagnostic criteria of
    • Normal intrauterine pregnancy
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Miscarriage
    • Molar pregnancy
    • Twin pregnancy
    • Pregnancy of unknown location
  • Outline the diagnostic criteria for pregnancy failure
  • Perform a transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound assessment of the pelvis using a systematic approach
  • Recognise the variable appearance of the uterus and ovaries of the menstrual and life cycles
  • Discuss the utility of ultrasound in evaluating retained products of conception
  • Recognise the correct placement of intrauterine contraceptive devices
  • Describe the sonographic appearances of common pathologies of the pelvis
  • Describe the limitations and clinical integration of ultrasound in termination of pregnancy

CME recognition 

RACGP MTOP blended ultrasound ultrasound CPD activity approved - Zedu


  • Online (hours); 12+
  • Videos on demand 24 (>7.5)
  • Resources Yes
  • Downloadable learning activities Yes
  • Skills development plan Yes
  • Case studies 9 (1 hour)
  • Scanning time (hours) 5.5
  • Lifetime access Yes

1-on-1 Class Time

  • 1-on-1 tuition of 5.5 hours at the Zedu Learning HQ (weekday delivery).
  • Knobology refresher
  • Perform transabdominal pelvic assessment on real patients
  • Perform early pregnancy assessment on real patients
  • Transvaginal scanning principles
  • Perform transvaginal pelvic assessment on real patients

Online Modules

1. Getting Started Module


    • Explore system controls
    • Understand the impact of optimisation on the image
    • Presets, frequency, depth, focus and gain
    • How to label the image
    • How to store and review images

Scanning Principles

    • Probe care
    • Probe moves
    • Probe grip
    • Probe and screen orientation
    • 3D awareness of the anatomical position of the organs

2. MTOP Ultrasound Module

Basic Early Pregnancy

    • Sonoembryology
    • Scan technique and approach to the early pregnancy examination
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Pain and bleeding in the first trimester
    • Measure fetal heart rate
    • Determine fetal viability
    • Clinical utility and application of ultrasound
    • Limitation and pitfalls
    • Techniques to improve visualisation
    • Free fluid in the peritoneum
    • Sonographic mimics of gestational sacs
    • Extra-membranous haemorrhage
    • Diagnostic criteria for pregnancy failure
    • Establish gestational age
    • Measure crown rump length

Pelvic Assessment 

    • Transabdominal and transvaginal scan technique and approach to pelvic exam
    • Sonoanatomy of pelvic organs
    • Cyclic changes and life cycle changes to anatomy and their sonographic appearances
    • Basic pathologies of uterus and endometrium
    • Common pathologies of the ovaries
    • Limitations and pitfalls
    • Techniques to improve visualisation
    • Utility of ultrasound in TOP
    • RPOC
    • Confirm IUCD positioning

CME details

RACGP | CPD Accredited Activity 391061 | Educational activity hours: 10.5 | Reviewing performance hours: 5.0 | This activity has been approved for Rural Procedural Training Grant: Obstetric Grant (1 day).

When Approved by ACRRM and RACGP for the Rural Procedural Grants Program – GPs can receive $2000 per day for a maximum of 10 days of training per financial year, GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year.

MTOP Ultrasound Course – Blended


The MTOP Ultrasound Blended course provides you with the skills and knowledge to confidently use ultrasound for the assessment of early pregnancy.

Start your journey with Zedu – we look forward to delivering a focused and relevant educational experience for you.