A resource of the best in #POCUS ultrasound video, webinar and podcast resources from the best in #POCUS providers around the world – dedicated to the fight against Covid-19.

Thank you to everyone who has poured their passion, time and energy into each and every one of these.

June 2020

Jun 8: @PleuralPOCUS

Síndromes Pleuro-Pulmonares: de la Clínica al Ultrasonido

Jun 7: @emergmedottawa
Protocol for lung ultrasound in Covid-19 patients

Jun 7: @AIUMultrasound
Lung Ultrasound in Patients with COVID 19 Disease

May 2020

May 23: Viruswatch Podcast @ViruswatchPod

WFUMB WEBINAR: Ultrsound in COVID-19 – global experience. Xin Wu Cui on Safety for Ultrasound Users

May 19:

Stanford CME: Point of Care Ultrasound: COVID-19 Lungs

May 11: FUJIFILM Sonosite @SonoSite ft @arntfield
Goal-Directed Echo in Respiratory Failure

May 8: Jacob and Mike @coreultrasound

COVID and Thrombosis

May 8: Jacob and Mike @coreultrasound

#Stroke is being recognized as presenting sign of #COVID. Learn to dx with #POCUS via @emspocus in Part 2 of TCD (Pathology)

May 8: ITN Editor @itnEditor

CT and POCUS Emerge As Frontline Imaging Modalities in COVID-19 Era

May 6: Emagine Solutions Technology @emaginestech

We interviewed #radiology expert Dr. Berndt Schmit to understand radiology’s role in #COVID19, how low resource settings are particularly affected, and what we each can do to help. 

May 5: EchoNous @echonous

Dr. Blaivas digs deeper into how to view b-lines in lung #ultrasound and avoid common mistakes. Also, more specific guidance on how to differentiate between b-lines & comet tail artifacts.

May 1: FUJIFILM Sonosite @SonoSite

Sonosite Ultrasound Webinar: Vascular Access Considerations in the COVID-19 Patient Population

May 1: FUJIFILM Sonosite @SonoSite

Ultrasound and the COVID-19 Patient: An Interview with Dr. Justin Kirk-Bailey

April 2020

Apr 29: Saint Emlyn’s @stemlyns

 How to use POCUS for COVID19 Evidence, practicalities, videos and more This post based on the national @rcollem webinar with @cianmcdermott @EveryOneNoOne1 @rubbleEM @drspando

Apr 29:AIUM Ultrasound @AIUMultrasound

The Chinese Ultrasound Doctors Association (CUDA) has partnered with the #AIUM to discuss the role of #ultrasound in the diagnosis & treatment of #COVID?19 from a global perspective at 8 PM EST on Sat, 4/25. Join the live stream

Apr 28: Intensive Care Society @ICS_updates ft @bhca @Wilkinsonjonny @avkwong @cardiacACCP @aroradrn @parulekar8550

ICS Education: FUSIC Lung Ultrasound in the Age of COVID

Apr 28: GE Healthcare Vscan Family @vscan

Watch the replay of the @GEHealthcare webinar with @Wilkinsonjonny about the role of #POCUS in the #COVID19 patient journey.

Apr 28: ASRA Society @ASRA_Society

Mark your calendar to earn 1.25 CME credits on Wednesday, April 29, 7:00-8:15 pm ET for a free webinar on preparing for life after the COVID-19 pandemic. Open to members and non-members. Limited to 200 registrants. Sign up now to claim your spot! http://asra.com/webinar/postcovid

Apr 28: ASRA Society @ASRA_Society

We’re LIVE now! Discussing #POCUS abstracts from the @ASRA_Society #ASRASpring20 Meeting. Share! @KalagaraHari @shaskinsMD @JanBoublikMDPhD @dr_melissabyrne

Apr 28: Carlos Basaure @DrBastuardo @Sono_UC

¿Sabes cómo usar el USC pulmonar en pacientes con #COVID?19? Acá algunos casos clínicos preparados por @srvalenz1 Do you know how to use lung USC in patients with #COVID?19 ? Here are some clinical cases prepared by @srvalenz1

Apr 24: POCUS Certification Academy @POCUSAcademy

Dr. Xi Liu is presenting lung and cardiac #POCUS cases from the frontline of the #COVID19 pandemic in Beijing, China. Join us for this webinar on 4/25 at 9am EST. 

Apr 17: Jefferson Ultrasound @jeff_sono

US-Guided IV with Covid precautions

Apr 16: Chuck Wurster @ChuckWurster

CAEP Town Hall Meeting on #POCUSforCOVID! @CAEP_Docs @JoelTurnerEM @uOttawamwoo @dan___kim @laurieMcGillEM @ceus_scedu

Apr 16: European Society of Cardiology @escardio @LunaGargani @denisamuraru @hatemsoliman

COVID-19: how to use and interpret lung ultrasound

Apr 16: Rafael Alonso @RafaAlonso61 ?????@EcosemfyC @semfyc

Ecografia pulmonar en Covid19 para Médicos de Familia. Ayuda para la toma de decisiones en un centro de salud.
Pulmonary ultrasound in Covid19 for Family Physicians. Help for decision-making in a health center.

Apr 16: EchoNous @echonous

Dr. Blaivas discusses how in #COVID19 lung #POCUS you can have areas of the pleura that are spared right next to affected areas, which is one of the hallmarks of COVID19 bilateral pneumonia. This is part of an ongoing series.

Apr 16: GE Healthcare @GEHealthcare @Wilkinsonjonny

How Ultrasound Supports the COVID-19 Patient Journey from Entry to Recovery, a Webinar with Dr. Jonny Wilkinson

Apr 15: Daniel Migliaccio @TheScanimal

Ultrasound machine #COVID decontamination process, video filmed by the great cinematographer/director @Dpark419 A good clean takes about 5 minutes!

Apr 15: EchoNous @echonous

Dr. Blaivas shares lung #POCUS at different depths in #COVID19 patients, including an obese patient. This is part of an ongoing series.

Apr 15: ASUM @asumultrasound

Join us tonight as we learn from Prof Michel Slama, director of ICU from the University Hosital in Amiens, France. Prof Slama will focus on the role of #ultrasound in critical care – #COVID19 with a focus on cardiac dysfunction and US

Apr 14: Chuck Wurster @ChuckWurster

Want to learn more about #POCUSforCOVID? Join me, @uOttawamwoo, @JoelTurnerEM, @dan___kim and @laurieMcGillEM this Wed at 8 pm EST for @CAEP_Docs Town Hall Meeting! For those in Australia & New Zealand this town hall will be live on Thursday 16 April: AU AEST – 10am ACST – 9:30am AWST – 8am NZ NZST – 12 noon

Apr 14: EchoNous @echonous

Dr. Blaivas digs in a little deeper to the differences between B-lines and comet tail artifacts, which is essential in diagnosing and treating #COVID19 This is part of an ongoing series.

Apr 14: Imagen Cardíaca SEIC @ImagenCardiaca @MAecocardio @ilariacaso @Azcarate_Cardio @chileanestesia @edusanpe

WEBINAR Imagen Ecográfica en el Paciente con COVID19. ¿Qué debo saber? ¡Más de 7.000 visitas en 48 horas! Gracias a todos los ponentes y a todos los profesionales en lucha contra COVID19 por su apoyo ¡Difunde este webinar en apoyo de todos los interesados! WEBINAR Ultrasound Image in the Patient with COVID19. What do I need to know? More than 7,000 visits in 48 hours! Thanks to all the speakers and to all the professionals in the fight against COVID19 for their support. Spread this webinar in support of all concerned!

Apr 14: ics_updates @ICS_updates @Wilkinsonjonny @avkwong @bhca

We are launching our new webinar education programme starting withFUSIC Lung Ultrasound in the Age of #COVID?19 16 April, 2020 7pm Covering the use of Lung ultrasound in critical ill COVID-19 patients book [TIME: Apr 16, 2020 07:00 PM in London]

Apr 14: Dr. Delgado Cidranes @USAnesthesia @EchoLung

Os invito a mi próximo FREE Webinar de la ERA COVID 19 ..CORONA-DIABLO !! WEBINAR / FREE STREAMING Dr. CIDRANES – MADRID April 21 , 15:00 H, Spain ( Próximo martes ) TEP (Tromboembolismo Pulmonar & UCI COVID19 I invite you to my next FREE ERA COVID 19 Webinar .. CROWN-DEVIL !!
WEBINAR / FREE STREAMING Dr. CIDRANES – MADRID April 21, 15:00 H, Spain (Next Tuesday) TEP (Pulmonary Thromboembolism & ICU COVID19

Apr 14: radguru @radguru_net

Friday SER e-lecture series on “Emerging Role of POCUS in COVID-19” by Dr. Leena Robinson Vimala, MD, Department of Radiology, Christian Medical College, Vellore on April 17, 2020 at 4 PM. Meeting Link: https://zoom.us/j/91494717849

Apr 14: EFSUMB @efsumb_kosmos

EFSUMB Webinar

Apr 13: Mindray Europe Ultrasound @MindrayEU_UIS

Learn the principles of critical ultrasound practice in COVID-19 treatment from the front-line expert Dr. X. Wang on Tuesday April 14th at 14:30 (CEST) at our series webinar.

Apr 13: SonoSite @sonosite_anz @SonoSite @arntfield

In our new webinar, Dr Arntfield discusses how to integrate lung ultrasound for the diagnosis and management of COVID-19 patients. He also shares scanning techniques & typical #COVID19 findings.

Apr 13: AIUM @AIUMultrasound

The recording for this AIUM non-CME webinar covering Transducer Cleaning & Personal Protective Equipment (#PPE) during #COVID19 is now avaialbe on the AIUM YouTube Channel

Apr 12: Hatem Soliman-Aboumarie @hatemsoliman

EACVI Webinar for Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19. On Tuesday April 14th. Free for everyone @LunaGargani @denisamuraru

Apr 12: @MDbenji @SocietyHospMed @giovolpicelli @G2Disrupt @pdxfutebol @nilamjsoni @LMKurian @TanpingWong @DrGalenMD

#POCUS in #COVID-19! Recorded Webinar available for free: International experts: Dr.Volpicelli (Torino, Italy) & Dr.Shang (Wuhan, China) Guest speakers: Dr. Soni and NYC & Baltimore doctors.

Apr 11: emresidents @emresidents @sthgte @gabsters003 @JTsungMD

#Ultrasound Committee’s webinar! A fascinating session focusing on sonographic signs of #COVID19, infection control & prevention.

Apr 11: GE Healthcare @GEHealthcare @Wilkinsonjonny

How Ultrasound Supports the COVID-19 Patient Journey from Entry to Recovery, a Webinar with Dr. Jonny Wilkinson

Apr 11: CAEP @CAEP_Docs

Apr 11: Hot topics in ultrasound related to Covid-19 – Mark you calendars – Wed April 15! @CAEPResidents @caepstudent

Apr 11: Imagen Cardíaca SEIC @ImagenCardiaca

Ultrasound Image in the Patient with COVID19. What do I need to know? SEIC essential webinar with @MAecocardio @ilariacaso @Azcarate_Cardio @chileanestesia @edusanpe

Apr 11: GE Healthcare @GEHealthcare @cindyaowen

The Use of Ultrasound in China for Diagnosis of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pneumonia – Hear valuable insights from Dr. Xiaoting Wang and Dr. Yangong Chao about their experiences using ultrasound when assessing patients for COVID-19 related pneumonia.

Apr 10: Philips Pocus @PhilipsPOCUS

Recorded webinar featuring @RubbleEM

Instructions for first-time Philips users:
1. Access the Philips Learning Center (PLC) through any web browser: http://learningconnection.philips.com/learningcenter
2. Click the NEED AN ACCOUNT? button on the landing page of the Philips Learning Center to create an account.
3: Enrollment key required – 5e8e29257fc79

Apr 10: Butterfly Network @ButterflyNetInc ft @Wilkinsonjonny @LemaPenelope @cianmcdermott @adamdavidthomas @KasiaMD Emanuele Pivetta

Lessons from the front lines: A global perspective, is now available to view online. Hear from front-line physicians representing seven different regions on how they are managing #COVID_19 response.

Apr 10: IUEM Ultrasound @IUEM_ultrasound @GregZahn

COVID Lung ultrasound??

Apr 10: GE Healthcare @GEHealthcare

Title: Handheld Lung ultrasound – Effusion, Pnuemonia & COVID-19 from GPs to ICU Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Time: 05:00 PM Gulf Standard Time Duration: 1 hour

Apr 9: Society of Hospital Medicine @SocietyHospMed

Don’t miss out! Tomorrow (4/9) at 9 PM, EDT: SHM Webinar Join us with @MDbenji and @pdxfutebol for ‘Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Useful #COVID19 Applications from Hospitalists in NYC’ We hope you’ll tune in! Register:

Apr 9:EchoNous @echonous

 Dr. Blaivas compares CT & Lung #ultrasound in #COVID19 patients & emphasizes the importance of posterior views in lung #POCUS. This is part of an ongoing series. Huge thank you to Mike and other #FrontLineHeroes . We’re in awe of what you’re capable of!

Apr 9: Chip with TOTAL EM @the_TOTAL_EM

The podcast with @yaletung and @PracticalPOCUS is now up on our site discussing #POCUSforCOVID. Learn about his journey using lung #POCUS during his own case of #Covid19 and some recommendations since being back at work including disinfecting your probe.

Apr 9: Bold City EM @BoldCityEM

Check out @UltrasoundMD from @WildcatEMres present on #lung #POCUS in the era of #COVID19

Apr 8: SOSMedTraining @training_sos

New Podcast! “Episode 27 POCUS for COVID-19 (Lung Ultrasound)” on @Spreaker

Apr 8: EchoNous @echonous

Dr. Mike Blaivas, ED, explains what patterns to look for in lung ultrasound images when diagnosing #COVID19

Follow-up with more details on what to look for in lung ultrasound when diagnosing #COVID19 and why these patterns are reliable despite the small sample.

Apr 7: AIUM Ultrasound @AIUMultrasound

Rachel Liu, MD, FAIUM, FACEP, (@RubbleEM) from @YaleMedicine Emer Med & Dir of #POCUS Ed, explains how to perform a basic lung ultrasound that may suggest infections like #COVID19 & describes its role in the clinical care of COVID-19 patients.

Apr 7: EcoSemes Euskadi @EcoEkalme

¿Como han gestionado el pico de atención de pacientes covid en el primer municipio de la península confinado? Ecografia LUS en Igualada. Echa un vistazo a: ECOGRAFIA (LUS) EN IGUALADA confinada en Pandemia Covid-19 – EPISODIO XXIII @ecoSEMES_ — How have you managed the peak of attention of covid patients in the first municipality of the peninsula confined? LUS ultrasound in Igualada. Take a look at: ECHOGRAPHY (LUS) IN IGUALADA confined in Pandemic Covid-19 – EPISODE XXIII

Apr 7: Jacob and Mike @ultrasoundpod

#COVID19, Machine decon & resident education. Watch the video interview I did with @VTEMSONO & @SonoSnowbunny re: how they use #POCUS during this global pandemic.

Apr 5: NephroPOCUS @NephroP

Lung ultrasound scan zones POCUS (slideshow)

Apr 6: Tiempo de Juego @tjcope

Una ecografía del tórax puede ayudar a detectar el coronavirus Nos los cuenta el neumólogo Javier Pérez. A chest ultrasound can help detect the coronavirus The pulmonologist Javier Pérez tells us

Apr 5: James Rippey @theSonoCave @LITFLblog

When is a COVID case not a COVID case?

Apr 5: Alistair Murray @sononerd

Sonosite controls for a lung ultrasound

Apr 5: Luna Gargani @LunaGargani, Stefano Spinelli @StefanoR4A

Short video on lung ultrasound in COVID, mainly focused on some advice on how to do the exam.

Apr 4: EchoNous @echonous

Dr. Mike Blaivas, ED & #POCUS educator, shares lung ultrasound tips in the fight against #COVID19 Huge thank you to Dr. Blaivas who recorded this at 6am before another shift on the #frontlines Full 4-min video

Apr 4: Philips POCUS @PhilipsPOCUS

Hello #POCUS community! For those of you who missed last Friday’s #LungUS webinar with @NikraDoc , we got it recorded. See below for the information on how to access it.

Apr 4: MCW EM Ultrasound @MCW_EM_US·

Basic lung ultrasound overview with a brief review of the findings being reported in patients testing + for COVID-19

Apr 1: EcoSemes Euskadi @EcoEkalme

You want to know how to disinfect ultrasound equipment to do #POCUS#EPICA in pandemic period #covid_19 ? @SEMES_ @ecoSEMES_ @WINFOCUS Don’t miss this episode: DISINFECTION OF US DEVICES in period COVID-19 – EPISODE XXII https://youtu.be/rnyEBVgejdA

Apr 1: Carlos A Menegozzo @carlosmenegozzo

In this moment of Pandemic, any and all knowledge that can help us in fighting the virus must be widely disseminated. In this link https://youtu.be/x36NU9CTvNo talk a little about #ultrassom#pocus at the #covid#covid19#coronavirus @sbaitbrasil @abramedesp @AMIB_oficial

Apr 1: Curro Miralles @curromir

Lung US in COV-19

Apr 1: Alan Chien @atchiem

Created this #POCUS #COVID-19 reference card for our ultrasound machines. Goes over everything from PPE, scan technique, findings, disinfection, and research questions. QR codes link to relevant articles as well as this short video: https://youtu.be/HolLNa_Zypg

Apr 1: Alistair Murray @sononerd

This is an introduction to using ultrasound to assess the lungs, as applied to Emergency Medicine. It is intended for use by medical professionals.

Apr 1: School Of Medical Ultrasound @AECCSchoolMU

We’re keen to provide all those involved in medical imaging with practical advice and guidance during the #COVID19 pandemic. As such, the teaching faculty at @AECCSchoolMU has prepared a video on point-of-care lung ultrasound.

March 2020

Mar 31: Dynamecho @Dynamecho

Lung Ultrasound A and B Lines with progression of the COVID 19 disease.

Mar 31: Medistar Australia @medistaraustralia @clariusmhealth @dan___kim

PoCUS in a Pandemic: Lung Ultrasound and COVID-19: Vancouver doctor, Dr. Daniel Kim, Clinical Assistant Professor and the PoCUS Fellowship Director for the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia, shares his ED experience with COVID-19.

Mar 31: Mindray UK @MindrayUK

Mar 31: Join us today at 12:30 for the 5th critical ultrasound webinar. To register or view the previous sessions visit: http://ow.ly/agXN50z0Flo

Mar 31: Anthony Wald @antwaldecho

In response to @BonitaEcho question last night about echocardiography in the prone patient, I recorded this short video today https://youtu.be/xHtO4MzpcWU

Mar 30: Jacob and Mike @ultrasoundpod

Covid and machine decontamination 

How to clean #POCUS machines when scanning #covid_19 pts. . This is a suggestion! If you can find alternative means of finding your diagnosis on patients without using your ultrasound, probably a good idea. However, many of us are still using ultrasound for procedures and diagnostic imaging on our patients. There are many different protocols out there, but this is the one that we like. Podcast dropping tomorrow! (3/30/20) . .#covid19 #covid #coronavirus #FOAMed #intensivecare #traumatology #careassistant #anesthesia #resident#emergencymedicine #internlife #shiftworklife #medoc #anesthesia# resuscitation #internalmedicine #intensivecare #criticalcaremedicine #emergencymedicine #intensivecaremedicine #medstudentlife #Instadoctor #criticalillness #nursepractioner #CCU #SICU #MICU #CVICU #emergencymedicine #physicianassistant #NP

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Mar 30: Chuck Wurster @ChuckWurster

Check out this podcast with @giovolpicelli about how he is using Lung PoCUS with Covid-19 – Chuck’s notes

Mar 29: EcoSemes Euskadi @EcoEkalme

New episode on #EPICAPODCAST “CRAZY DISEASE” an Covid-19 #POCUS by @giovolpicelli and @JJ_Zafra

Mar 29: Hatem Soliman-Aboumarie @hatemsoliman

Webinar on Lung Ultrasound in COVID19 patients

Mar 28: 123sonography @123sonography

Covid-19 Webinar – Protection – Management – Pocus

Mar 28: 123sonography @123sonography


Mar 28: Jared T Marx MD @pocusgeek

COVID – LUNG Ultrasound in COVID.

Mar 28: Anand Swaminathan @EMSwami

EMRAP #COVID19FOAM: Lung US https://bit.ly/3bnMPlE Chat w/ @UltrasoundMD @bedsidesono

Mar 28: FUJIFILM Sonosite @SonoSite ft @DikuMandavia

Watch our interview with Dr. Mangala Narasimhan as she describes COVID-19 patient demographics, treatment pathways, and how she is using point-of-care ultrasound in her New York hospital.

Mar 28: Mindray @MindrayGlobal

Chapter 4 of COVID-19 Critical Ultrasound Webinar. Discover the latest experience on the stratification and early warning of critical #covid19

Mar 28: Wisonic @WisonicMedical

International Webinar, London Time 13:00-15:00, March 29, 2020 Link: http://mudu.tv/watch/5376407 The experts who are fighting the virus in the forefront in China and 3 experts from Thomas Jefferson Hospital US give their insights. Dr. Nilam Soni and team present on POCUS for COVID-19.

Mar 27: GE Healthcare @GEHealthcare

Dr Jeff Hersh, Chief Medical Officer, GE Healthcare, reviews the many point-of-care settings and applications where ultrasound can lend beneficial uses to clinicians during a health crisis. He also discusses various ultrasound imaging procedures used to triage patients suffering from acute respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Mar 27: 123sonography @123sonography

Join the @123sonography team 27th March – Friday, 5:00 PM discussing topics on #COVID19. Kindly supported by @GEHealthcare

Mar 27: Zedu Ultrasound Training Solutions @zedunow

A 360° Virtual Reality fly-through showing the extent of damage to the lungs (yellow) from COVID-19. Made with @SurgicalTheater technology.

Mar 27: James Rippey @theSonoCave

Ultrasound in COVID

Mar 26: Editora Revista Chilena de Anestesia @chileanestesia

Los invito a que vean en este enlace el triage con US pulmonar en COVID19 I invite you to see in this link the triage with pulmonary US in COVID19

Mar 26: EchoNous @echonous

Watch: Lung Ultrasound in Diagnosing #COVID19 with Dr. Mike Blaivas.

Mar 26: Clarius @clariusmhealth ft @dan___kim

New to lung scanning? Watch a step-by-step video of how to scan the lung with Dr. Dan Kim, an emergency physician in Vancouver.

Mar 26: UH-Cleveland EM Residency @UHCMC_ED ft @nobleultrasound

In the midst of #COVID19, point-of-care lung ultrasound is a great bedside tool to aid in management Here’s a few videos on: 1. How to perform lung ultrasound 2. #POCUS in COVID

Mar 26: WADEM @WADEM_PDM (see from 23 mins)

Missed Sean G. Smith’s recent webinar – Clinical Guidance & Coronavirus: Deploying a Mass Casualty Mindset to Stay Ahead of “The Curve”?

Mar 25: Chip with TOTAL EM @the_TOTAL_EM

Lung ultrasound can play a major role in helping evaluate |#COVID19 patients. That’s why we have this #POCUSforCOVID podcast with @POCUS_Society President Fritz Fuller joining us to discuss how #POCUS can help.

Mar 25: MindrayNorthAmerica @Mindray_NA

Gain insight into how imaging and #ultrasound can help diagnose #COVID-19 in the upcoming webinar, Guidelines for Imaging Diagnosis of COVID-19, happening tomorrow at 8:30 am EST. #POCUS #coronavirus https://lnkd.in/g4JuSUS

Mar 25: Segun Olusanya @iceman_ex

Official @FUSICuk lung #POCUS video released Featuring @icmteaching Many thanks to @ICS_updates and @GEHealthcare for support

Mar 24: Rachel Liu @RubbleEM

Yay it’s up! Looking for the recording of last week’s @ACEP_EUS #POCUSforCOVID Town Hall? it’s here: Summary and transcript to follow shortly (thanks to those who sent in your notes). @yaletung @PURE_Updates @MatNssono @NagdevArun @VTayal01 @Novaleda

Mar 19: Sara Urquhart @sararish

#POCUSforCOVID Town Hall My transcript if you missed it! https://bit.ly/3bauo3R

Mar 24: ecoap @ecoapcat @camfic

https://vimeo.com/400027420 Estrena mundial del algoritme d’actuació en funció de la clinica i la imatge ecografica del Covid-19 @CAMFiC @ecoapcat

Mar 24: NephroPOCUS @NephroP

As the #COVID19 cases are increasing, more non-critical care/emergency providers are being called for help. Made a quick video on lung #POCUS as a reference tool for #nephrologists or any novice users in need of #IMPOCUS.

Mar 23: Dr. Adaira Landry @AdairaLandryMD

My ER physician colleague, Dr. Elke Platz @BrighamWomens created a great educational video for lung #ultrasound use on evaluating possible or confirmed #COVID19 patients. Hopefully you find this useful in your practice!!

Mar 23: John Bailitz @GritCoachMd

Outstanding presentation on Lung POCUS from Dr. Nicholas Hoda at UMMC!

Mar 22: Anton Helman @EMCases

Early release COVID-19 podcast: Screening, Diagnosis, Management @ASPphysician @HowardOvens

Mar 21: ASE @ASE360

Here is the link to the webinar from last night on COVID-19 Preparedness for Echo Labs: Insights from the Frontlines. Thanks to everyone who participated! @mswami001 @gb_mackensen @Sugeng_Lissa @BonitaEcho @iamritu

Mar 20: ITN Editor @itnEditor

VIDEO: Imaging COVID-19 With Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

Mar 20: Sara Urquhart @sararish

Did you miss the Butterfly Life webinar? My transcript notes, if you’d like to see what you missed are at: https://rb.gy/kntrhb

Mar 20: POCUS Certification Academy @POCUSAcademy

Dr. Yale Tung Chen (@yaletung) joins us to talk about the value of #POCUS during the COVID-19 pandemic and his experience as a #COVID19 positive patient. Click below to hear more about his journey!

Mar 20: Sara Urquhart @sararish·

Transcription/notes from the 123sonography Webinar held today at noon ET.

Mar 19: 123sonography @123sonography

Free webinar – COVID-19 – The Italian Experience – what should we prepare for?

Mar 19: Jacob and Mike @ultrasoundpod

Yesterday, we interviewed @drmarcogarrone about his experiences using #POCUS during the #COVID19 pandemic. Check out the video here: https://coreultrasound.com/usp_covid_2/

Mar 19: Sonographic_Tendencies @trigeminy_henry

Chest and Lung Ultrasound

Mar 19: SAM FREI @domagojsono

5min short videos on lung ultrasound in bacterial and viral pneumonia https://youtube.com/channel/UCd2p84BN-C9DKcgK0e3WU4g… Translations of the @5MinSono Row, brought to you by @sono4students Freiburg

Mar 18: medTandem @medTandem1


Mar 18: Jacob Avila @UltrasoundMD

Viral PNA

Mar 18: Michael I. Prats @PratsEM

US GEL PODCAST Special Edition! #POCUS in #COVID19 – Early Reports of Lung Findings #FOAMed #FOAMus #COVID19FOAM

Mar 18: Jacob and Mike @ultrasoundpod

Two new #COVID2019 and #POCUS videos! The Mikes & Jacob discuss POCUS & COVID

Mar 18: Joseph Minardi @jminardi21

I put together this video on incorporating #POCUS in the #COVID19 outbreak. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Lessons learnt from China, Italy and Singapore on #coronavirus #COVID19 for #OBGYN and healthcare professionals: wellbeing, protecting staff, departmental organization. Watch this free webinar with @proftombourne @Christoph_Lees and @cylpoon1



Mar 16: EcoSemes Euskadi @EcoEkalme Epica Podcast

@yaletung and @JJ_Zafra speaking about #POCUS findings on YouTube channel #EPICA podcast EPISODE XX: COVID-19 US ON MY OWN LUNGS by Yale Tung

Mar 15: Mindray @MindrayGlobal

Mindray COVID-19 Critical Ultrasound Webinars

Mar 13: Luna Gargani @LunaGargani

https://openlus.com These are some educational videos on basic LUS we have prepared some months ago. Maybe they can be useful in these days. They are open, feel free to share.

Mar 13: Michael Schick @UltrasoundStuff

What to look for when risk stratifying suspected and confirmed cases with POCUS. What we know so far. Look for pleural thickening, B Lines, sub-pleural, and lobar consolidations. Pleural effusions are rare and the more consolidated a lung is, the more lobes involved the worse the disease. May miss a consolidation if it does not rise to the level of the pleura. Remember PPE, hygiene, disinfect your equipment!