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On completion of this online ultrasound program, learners will be able to:

  • Use ultrasound system controls to optimise imaging for accurate diagnosis
  • Develop proficiency in probe manipulation to efficiently acquire diagnostic images
  • Describe the limitations and clinical integration of the eFAST ultrasound examination
  • Apply the eFAST protocol to conduct a systematic ultrasound assessment of a trauma patient

PLUS - included in this module is our Getting Started in Ultrasound program

This online module is perfect for getting started. Through a combination of focused video explanations and guided interactive activities you will be able to:
  • Navigate your way around your system and its primary functions
  • Set up for an ultrasound exam
  • Choose the appropriate imaging mode - B-mode, M-mode, colour Doppler, power Doppler, spectral Doppler
  • Optimise your image
  • Make accurate measurements
  • Archive your images
You’ll also learn the fundamental and often neglected building blocks of successful imaging:
  • How you can find the right window to get the best view of the anatomy
  • What actions you can take to purposefully get the best image that you can
  • How to scan safely
  • How to look after your machine

CME recognition 

Zedu ultrasound workshops are approved by ACEM for CPD in 20247.5 CPD hours

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised for CPD by The Australasian College of ParamedicineRecognised for CPD

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised for CPD by ANZCACPD Short Format Learning

Zedu ultrasound training courses are recognised for CPD by Royal Australasian College of SurgeonsRecognised for CPD



  • Duration (hours) 7.5+
  • Videos on demand 23 (>4.5 hours)
  • Resources Yes
  • Downloadable learning activities Yes
  • Skills development plan Yes
  • Case studies 4 (>0.75 hours)
  • Lifetime access Yes

Online Modules

1. Getting Started Module


    • Explore system controls
    • Understand the impact of optimisation on the image
    • Presets, frequency, depth, focus and gain
    • How to label the image
    • How to store and review images

Scanning Principles

    • Probe care
    • Probe moves
    • Probe grip
    • Probe and screen orientation
    • 3D awareness of the anatomical position of the organs

2. eFAST Module

    • eFAST protocol
    • scan technique
    • the “views”
    • recognise normal and abnormal imaging
    • qualitative estimates of free fluid volume
    • techniques to improve imaging
    • limitations and pitfalls
    • clinical utility and application

CME details

ACEM | This course is recognised by ACEM for 7.5 CPD hours.

ACP | This course is recognised by the Australasian College of Paramedicine for CPD hours.

ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA CPD program can claim attendance under the Knowledge and Skills category ‘Learning sessions’ at 1 credit per hour for the lectures/presentations. Hands on workshops may be claimed under the Knowledge and skills category ‘Short format learning’ at 2 credits per hour.

ASUM | CCPU Accredited Units: Lung, Pleural Effusion

eFAST – Online Course